March 2, 2024

Brazilians can withdraw R$4.6 billion from the central bank; See if you will receive

Receiving money that you weren’t expecting is a positive for many Brazilians, especially in a scenario where families’ financial situation is very delicate. According to reports, around 79% of the households in the country suffer from some form of outstanding debt.

That way, the extra money can help pay off those debts, as well as other issues. Now, citizens will be able to withdraw a fraction of R$4.6 billion from the Central Bank, during the second phase of the forgotten money withdrawal.

Brazilians can withdraw R$4.6 billion from the central bank;  See if you will receive
Learn more about withdrawing forgotten amounts from the Central Bank / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Withdraw billions from the central bank

First of all, it is important to clarify that there was already a first stage of withdrawing receivables from the Central Bank. During the first phase, thousands of Brazilians gained access to part of the available billions.

The new information was announced by the same institution last December 8, Thursday, in Brasilia. It is worth noting that companies and individuals will have access to the values, if they qualify.

In this second phase, the available amount will be R$4.6 billion. This amount comes from a series of financial problems in which the Brazilians may have forgotten the refunds.

For example, closed accounts that still have an available balance or recording accounts related to customer operations that are held by stock brokers or securities distribution companies, if they are also closed with a balance.

In addition, other situations where there are amounts that have not been refunded are included.

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How do you inquire?

Interested parties who wish to consult can use the debtor value system platform to ensure that there is an amount that can be recovered.

However, the platform has been offline for a few months. What is happening is that the second phase of withdrawing money from the central bank was scheduled for May 2nd.

But the British Columbia workers’ strike did not allow that to happen. The halt lasted for some time, but although it was already closed, the platform was no longer in the air.

According to the central bank, one of the reasons for this is that they are working on changes to the platform. When the page is reached, BC reports that the citizens’ funds will remain in storage until the system is back on the air.

what’s new?

Previously, during the first phase, citizens had to decide when to withdraw. That is, they have consulted whether they qualify, and if so, they must set a date for reaching value.

On the other hand, BC announced that this would not be necessary during this second phase. This means, in other words, that as soon as the citizen makes the first consultation and checks that there is a balance available for recovery, the application can be submitted immediately.

In addition, even those who did not withdraw in the first stage may have money now, due to the transfer of new information. Therefore, the recommendation is to do the consultation again.

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