June 14, 2024

Breaking News: God of War writers seamless journey to a planet in Starfield revealed – Shiv Telegram Media

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Breaking News: God of War writers seamless journey to a planet in Starfield revealed – Shiv Telegram Media

Starfield Faces Criticism for Divided Gameplay

Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration game by Bethesda, has faced backlash from fans and critics alike due to its strict division between planetary surfaces and outer space. This approach has left players disappointed as they are unable to manually fly down to the surface of the planets they are orbiting. Instead, they have to initiate a loading break and watch a landing cutscene, similar to the game No Man’s Sky.

Many have compared this segmented gameplay to No Man’s Sky, where players have the freedom to manually pilot through the atmosphere. The lack of manual control in Starfield has left players feeling restricted and craving a more immersive experience.

However, amidst the disappointment, there is a silver lining for fans. It has been discovered that players can actually fly “to” and potentially “between” planets in Starfield. Streamer and writer Alanah Pearce attempted to travel from Pluto’s orbit to Pluto itself, diligently correcting her course every 30 minutes during an overnight journey. This exciting feat proves that there is some level of freedom and exploration within the game.

Nonetheless, the experience of flying to a planet is not without its flaws. Players have reported instances of clipping inside the planet and popping out the other side, which detracts from the seamless experience Starfield aims to deliver. Moreover, flying between planets, such as from Pluto to Neptune, has proven to be a formidable challenge. Despite efforts by TheGamer to achieve this feat, the vast distances involved make it unlikely to be successfully accomplished before at least 2026.

Meanwhile, confusion surrounds the delayed review for Starfield. Players and enthusiasts eagerly await to hear critics’ verdicts and understand why the review is fashionably late. Additionally, “Shiv Telegram Media” invites readers to share their thoughts on the premium early access release of Starfield. This exclusive access has generated excitement and anticipation within the gaming community.

In conclusion, Starfield’s divided gameplay has garnered criticism from its players. While there are some positive aspects, such as the ability to fly to planets and potentially between them, the lack of manual control and flaws within the game have left fans disappointed. As the release of the game’s review looms, the gaming community eagerly awaits the final verdict and continues to engage in discussions about the premium early access of Starfield.

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