July 25, 2024

Breaking News: KKR Acquires $800mn Stake in Singapore Data Centre Business

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Breaking News: KKR Acquires $800mn Stake in Singapore Data Centre Business
Breaking News: KKR Acquires $800mn Stake in Singapore Data Centre Business

Shiv Telegram Media Presents: Full Access to FT.com with Complete Digital Content

Shiv Telegram Media is excited to announce that we are now offering complete digital access to FT.com, the renowned financial news platform. Customers can enjoy both the Standard Digital and Premium Digital packages, providing them with an extensive range of news, analysis, and expert opinions.

The Standard Digital package ensures that readers stay informed about global events, with access to breaking news and in-depth analysis on a variety of topics. This package is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the world’s economic landscape.

For those looking for an even deeper dive into the business world, our Premium Digital package includes the prestigious business column Lex, along with 15 curated newsletters. These newsletters cover various topics, ensuring that readers stay ahead of the game by receiving expert insights on different industries and trends.

Shiv Telegram Media understands that customers’ needs may change during the trial period. Therefore, trial users have the flexibility to switch between packages to better suit their requirements. Whether it’s upgrading to Premium Digital or downgrading to Standard Digital, users can make changes that will take effect at the end of the trial period.

Please note that at the conclusion of the trial period, customers will be automatically enrolled in the premium digital monthly subscription plan. This ensures uninterrupted access to FT.com and all its premium content.

We also want to highlight the cost savings and flexibility available to our subscribers. Customers have the option to pay annually, which can result in significant savings compared to a monthly subscription. Additionally, by changing plans or downgrading to Standard Digital, users can still enjoy full access for four weeks, even if they decide to cancel or downgrade.

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, access to reliable, accurate, and up-to-date financial news is crucial. Thanks to Shiv Telegram Media’s collaboration with FT.com, readers can now immerse themselves in a world of global news, analysis, and expert opinions. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to explore the dynamic world of financial journalism. Sign up today for your complete digital experience!

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