February 28, 2024

Burger King ordered to pay $8 million for a customer’s accident

A customer claims he slipped and fell in a restaurant Burger Kingin Florida, sued and received a payment of nearly $8 million for the incident.

Richard Tulicki, 48, suffered back injuries that required surgery after slipping on an “unidentified substance” near a bathroom in a Hollywood, Florida, institution, legal documents say.

Attorneys for Richard Tulicki said the fall resulted in serious injuries, including perforation of the colon after surgery. The lawsuit filed against Burger King in January 2021 alleges negligence on the part of the company by failing to ensure the safety of the facility area and floor.

A man has been compensated for an accident at a Burger King

After deliberations, a Broward County jury awarded Richard Tulicki $7.8 million, including $3.35 million for lost earnings and $700,000 for medical expenses.

Later, the court modified the ruling, reducing the amount to $7.68 million to take into account medical expenses already covered by Toleki’s insurance.

As reported to the press by the law firm of Ginnis & Krathen, PA, which represents Tulecki, the decision reached is one of the largest in Florida history.

According to them, this ruling is important for the client, as he suffered great hardships due to the negligence of the defendant. While acknowledging that no judgment can fully reverse the harm suffered, the damages awarded will provide resources for Toleki and his family moving forward.

On May 19, Seven Restaurants, the company that owns the Burger King franchise, filed for a new trial, alleging that the evidence provided by Tulecki was insufficient to prove that the restaurant’s manager knew about the substances alleged to have caused the incident. and injuries.

The company considered the $7.8 million awarded to Tulecki to be clearly exaggerated.

According to Tolicki’s attorney, he would be required to bear the high costs of medical, hospital, and other related expenses, directly and indirectly, as a means of alleviating his suffering. However, the lawyers have not commented on Burger King’s latest move.