March 30, 2023
By one difference Vasco beat Brosk with a superb goal from Nene and breathes in the second division - 09/24/2021

By one difference Vasco beat Brosk with a superb goal from Nene and breathes in the second division – 09/24/2021

He suffered, with an atmosphere of drama, but, anyway, he was Basque He reconciled with the victory and breathed into the table of the second division. Cruzmaltino had been acting with a lower score since the break and had the talent of Nene, who secured the score 1-0 at the expense of Prusc. City of Santa Catarina.

At the age of 40, the seasoned midfielder – who finished with Fluminense to return to São Januario – reached his second goal in three games and topped himself in this tough attempt by Vasco to reach Serie A.

In the next round, Vasco Goiás, in the second round (27), hosts in São Januario, and Prosc, who are fighting relegation, visits Brazil de Pelotas in the fourth (29).

Nene is still in the Vasco team

Even at the age of 40, Nene is part of this Vasco team. With a technical quality much higher than the others, he led the limited Cromaltino team and scored an impressive goal.

Ricardo Graza lost

The young Vasco defender, who was in the Olympic champion squad in Tokyo, had a bad match, as did the entire defensive system. The defender was out of time on the ball and lost in the air.

Previous Faskin

Who was on the field with Brusque was an old acquaintance of Vasco fan, midfielder John Klee. He had a good first half and assisted in one of Santa Catarina’s unallowed goals, but he got tired in the second half and was substituted.

The video assistant referee disallowed two goals from Brusk. Doubtful

In the first half, the video assistant referee was called and two goals by Brusk were disallowed. The first, at five minutes, occurred after leaving a ball on the crossbar, where after hitting and rebounding, he pushed Nonato inside. The line was drawn and after four minutes of review, an infiltration was identified.

In the second, John Klee played for Edo, who pushed into the net. The arbitration indicated an impediment in this area, the VAR was activated and the violation validated. However, when the images were released by the Brazilian Football Confederation to Sportv, it was noted that the line had been drawn the wrong way, at Zeca’s side feet instead of Leandro Castan.

The Video Assistant Referee kicks out the Matos and Castane Revolution

In another questionable move, VAR referee Leo Matos was sent off in the 43rd minute after the referee consulted television, and it was estimated that Vasco’s right side intentionally hit Claudinho’s face with his elbow. On the way out of the stadium, Vasco’s defender and captain, Leandro Castanne, rebelled.

“What I see is nothing new. VAR always hurts Vasco. Against Vasco, VAR is a lion, in his favour he is a kitten. Now we have to play with tied hands. We have to play tennis, then.” football Can’t be in touch now,” roared to SporTV.

Great Nene goal!

Having finished the first half with a poor performance and one less player, Nene had to relieve Vasco. In the 10th minute, Zika crossed from the right and Nene Al-Vein grabbed his left hand with a shot into the corner of the goalkeeper. Veteran midfielder Cruzmaltino goal!

Brusque lost 3 points in STJD

Before the match, Brusk was hit hard. The team was punished with a three-point loss by the Supreme Court of Sports Justice (STJD) for racist actions against player Celcinio, of Londrina, in a valid second-division match.

Vasco party in Brusk

Even while playing away from home, Vasco felt embraced since his arrival. With so many fans in town, the team had a big celebration on the eve of the match and match day at the hotel and upon arrival at the stadium. VasBrusque fans also organized an event at their headquarters in the presence of idols Roberto Dynamite and Acacio.

The young man who exchanged a 15th birthday party for a gift from Sao Janorio

Among the fans in attendance at Augusto Bauer’s stadium were young Nicoli Groh, who became a character on the UOL Esporte report today (24), remembering when she exchanged her 15th birthday party for a visit to São Januaro.

Prusk 0 x 1 Vasco

Sweetened: Augusto Bauer, in Brusk (SC)
hour: 9:30 p.m. (Brasilia time)
Rule: Savio Pereira Sampaio (Defender)
Auxiliaries: Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade (Defender) and Jose Reinaldo Nascimento Junior (Defender)
where: Adriano Melczewski (Defender)
yellow cards: Everton Alemaw, Zee Matthews (BRU); Nene, Fernando Dinez (VAS)
red cards: Leo Matos (VAS)
Objectives: Nene, 10th minute of the second half (VAS)

Prosk: Rowan Carneiro, Totti (Tony), Claudinho (Jansson), Everton Alemao and Ayrton; Rodolfo, Nonato (Edelson), Zee Matthews and John Klee (Diego Matias); Garcez and Edu. idiomatic: Wagwenho days.

Basque: Vanderley, Leo Matos, Ricardo Graca, Leandro Castan and Zika; Bruno Gomez, Marquinos Gabriel and Nene (Figueiredo); Morato (Walber), Gabriel Beck (Romulo), and German Cano (Daniel Amorim). idiomatic: Fernando Deniz.