February 6, 2023

C6 Bank issued an award of R$18,000; know more

There have been two winners of the R$18,000 prize presented by C6 Bank for the fourth C6 Journalism Award. Meet the big winners!

Fourth prize C 6 Al-Sahafa magazine released, Thursday morning (5), the winners in each category of the annual award. With the aim of valuing the Brazilian press and Encouraging initiatives that encourage financial citizenshipThe concept included financial inclusion and education, as well as consumer protection for these types of services.

Check out the winners in each category and learn about the content that sought to help Brazilians make informed decisions about money, according to C6 bank.

Audiovisual category

The audiovisual category covered journalistic content on radio, television, online channels, and podcasts. The winner was the episodetrade dayFrom 01/20/2022 Produced by CNN Soft Business Team.

The producers and directors of the podcast episode include:

  • Anderson Veneziano Pitumbira;
  • Anna Catharina Fernida Haddad;
  • Carolina Vieira de Mello e Silva;
  • Katarina Kobayashi; Pacheco Silva;
  • Dimalice Gonçalves Nunes;
  • Eduardo de Freitas Lima;
  • Fernando Nakagawa
  • Gabriele Fragoglia Mussolino Lima;
  • Guilherme Tenorio Schildberg;
  • Hugo de Mora Santos;
  • Ladislao Cardos Neto;
  • Pedro Johnson Castro
  • Philip Siani
  • Renata de Cascia Vasconcelos Linzi;
  • Renato Ribeiro Marquez;
  • Ronan da Silva Coelho
  • Thais Surya Gomez
  • Thalitta Beatriz Cimeno da Silveira;
  • Vivian Carolina Gennare.

Throughout the 41 minutes of the episode, they educationally explain everything about Day Trade, which is an investment method that trades financial assets in a single day.

Print and online class

In contrast, the Print & Internet category of the C6 Journalism Award includes magazines, websites, newspapers, and applications. The big winner was an article produced by Portal Valor Investe’s Julia Liugoi.

in a “Investors with less money have more cryptocurrency in their portfolios. But is it okay to have a lot?”Júlia discusses the risks of the cryptocurrency market and presents the relationship between traders in this method and lower portfolio diversification.

Each category has 3 finalists, Issued by C6 Bank On December 20, 2022.

to me Regulation For the award, the evaluation criteria were content originality, relevance, text quality, and didacticism.

Each winning project received a value of R$18,000.

About C6 Bank

Launched in 2019, C6 Bank has more than 20 million Brazilian customers and is investing in the digitization of financial services. Currently, it is the only national bank to participate in the International Cybersecurity Consortium MIT Sloan (CAMS) affiliated with MIT.

With exclusive programs such as Global investment accountToll fee without monthly fee, points program and card without annual fee, C6 Bank does not have physical branches and proposes financial solutions in a simple way via the application.

Photo: Playback/C6 Bank