July 14, 2024

Café de la Musique breaks ban and DF Legal fined three times

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Café de la Musique breaks ban and DF Legal fined three times
Café de la Musique breaks ban and DF Legal fined three times

NS Music Café He received a fine of 20 thousand Brazilian riyals on Sunday evening (8/29), after opening it even after the ban on General Secretariat for the Protection of the Urban Order (DF Legal). The folder had already fined the place R$10,000.

The 30-day ban occurred after the file was caught cluttering on Saturday (28/8). Now the fines add up together, totaling R$30,000.

Café de La Musique filed an injunction to open on Sunday, despite the ban, but the court did not respond. However, the foundation promoted a show that was already scheduled.

According to the foundation, DF Legal has only banned the display area, Café de la Musique Beira Lago, but not the restaurant. The company claims that it will now open Brazil Paradise with only 30% of the audience and intends to file a new application for an injunction to continue the concert process.


“The new security measures adopted by Café de la Musica Brasilia are aimed at protecting Brazil, in contravention of the commitment established by the space with public authorities, even more stringent in inspection,” the restaurant said in a statement.

The company will compensate people who have already purchased the entrance to the site, in order to comply with the legislation. “For customers who have purchased tickets in advance, please call (61) 9 9803-1867 or (61) 9 9803-1867, for more information on access, refunds and new dates,” the note concludes.

Sunday night founding
Other bans

This Saturday (8/28), DF Legal, also closed for 30 days, Dallas Bar, at EPTG, Texxas Bar, in Núcleo Bandeirante, Bar Sanfona de Ouro, in Gama and Vila Jeri Bar, in Asa Norte. They were all fined at least R$10,000.

Dallas also opened after the ban and, like Café de La Musique, received a new R$20,000 fine.

According to the file, on Saturday night there was a Baku operation, in response to institutions insisting on non-compliance with anti-Covid-19 rules.

In addition to the 11 teams working around the clock, the DF Legal Secretary and other members of the GDF’s Pandemic Task Force are using uncharacteristic inspectors.


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