May 31, 2023

Caixa Seguridade (CXSE3) will pay R$1.5 billion in dividends; See who gets it – Money Times

Caixa Seguridade will pay the billionaire an amount in dividends (Photo: Disclosure/Caixa Seguridade)

a safe box (CXSE3) on Wednesday (26) that it will pay a total of R$1.5 billion in dividends, approved at a general meeting, to its shareholders.

The amount indicates R$696,955,867.80 in mandatory minimum dividends and R$803,044,132.20 in additional dividends. 0.50 BRL will be paid for each share.

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According to the company, the dividend will be based on the contribution center account on April 27 of this year. As a result, Caixa shares traded as of Friday (28) will not be entitled to proceeds.

The company also indicates that considering the expected dividend, which was already distributed on November 11, 2022, in the amount of R$ 1,058,341,420.47, the distribution is equivalent to 91.8% of the adjusted net income for the year 2022, totaling R$ 2,558,341,420.47.

There will be withholding for income tax at source in the aforementioned update, in accordance with current legislation.

See the statement from Caixa Seguridade