July 14, 2024

Camil’s stock advanced after the acquisition and Eneva rose strongly with the recommendation; Petrobras drops interest in CEO speeches

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São Paulo – With investors watching the flight and Joaquim Silva e Luna, President of Petrobras (PETR3;PETR4), for the House of Representatives, the shares of the state-owned company were down about 1%.

On Monday evening (13), the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Arthur Lyra (PP-AL), published a post on Twitter, after the market closed, in which he said “Everything is expensive: a petrol kitchen, diesel, diesel…” and wondering “what’s the connection Petrobras with this?…”. The message came to inform that the company is participating in the chamber’s general committee, represented by the current president, to discuss the weight of prices practiced by the company, which follows the fluctuations of the global market currently.

This Tuesday, Silva e Luna told the room that Petrobras has a strong corporate governance structure. “It’s a strong company, it makes select investments, as well as having strong governance, avoiding any deviation from its focus on what it does best.” He stated that the company contributes to Brazil, especially in these difficult times, and emphasized that within two years, the state-owned company had paid 546 billion Brazilian reais in taxes. know more Click here.

VALE3), which opened near stability, intensified losses, falling more than 1%. You are iron ore futures contracts It fell for the fifth session to its lowest price this year as restrictions on China’s steel production weighed on investor demand and expectations for industrial and economic data this week.

Papers from companies like Melius (cash 3) and Banco Interbinary 11) continues to achieve expressive gains, after recovering after the sharp decline recorded on Wednesday last week and recovering the losses recorded in the month already.

Also among the biggest elevations, Eneva (ENEV3) rose more than 5% on the same day the recommendation was raised to the equivalent of buying Itaú BBA.

Off the Index, Camille (CAML3) is advancing by about 3%. The company reported the acquisition of the Seleto trademarks, until then from JDE Brasil. Completion of the transaction is subject to the usual terms of this type of transaction, including obtaining approval from the Defense Administrative Council (Cade). The values ​​are not disclosed.

Check out the highlights:

The day before, Arthur Lira, Speaker of the House of Representatives, criticized the rise in oil product prices and said Petrobras needed to be reminded that “the Brazilians are its contributors.” Today, the company’s president, General Joachim Silva y Luna, speaks on a panel from the room.

Petrobras is still on the radar and has signed an agreement with Gerdau to supply natural gas to the company’s unit in Ouro Branco (MG), in the first contract the oil company signed in a free trade environment, amid the opening of the market. In a press release, Petrobras informed that supply is expected to start on January 1, 2022. However, it has not reported values ​​or volumes that will be negotiated with the steelmaker.

Still on Petrobras’ radar, in the next few days, it should complete the lease of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) regasification terminal in Bahia for just over R$100 million, in a contract valid until the end of 2023. with Reuters.

Camil Alimentos sent a contract to buy Seleto brands, until then from JDE Brasil. Completion of the transaction is subject to the usual terms of this type of transaction, including obtaining approval from the Defense Administrative Council (Cade). The values ​​are not disclosed.

In addition to Cilito coffee, JDE Brasil also owns the Pilão, Do Ponto and Pelé coffee brands.

The operation is in line with the company’s strategy to diversify the categories, with the opening of its entry into the coffee segment. Camil has a consistent history of growing and expanding market share through acquisitions. This latest acquisition is an important step towards the company’s entry into the coffee market, achieving its strategic objectives of acquiring brands and assets in the coffee sector.
Consumption in South America”.

Bradesco BBI commented on the acquisition and highlighted that it does not change its view of the company after the purchase, and maintains a neutral recommendation and a target price of R$11 per paper.

“We understand that the brand’s stake and profits in Brazil are not relevant. In addition, the amount of the transaction was not disclosed, but we understand that the amount to be paid is not material. However, we consider this transaction to be in line with Camil’s diversification strategy. , having recently acquired one of the biggest pasta players in Brazil (Santa Amalia), which now marks its first foray into the coffee business in Brazil,” they point out.

According to Brazil Journal and Valor, Singapore’s GIC/GSI sovereign fund will invest R$2.2 billion to join BTG Pactual Fund, which controls 57.9% of V.tal, a fiber-optic infrastructure company where Oi holds a 42.1% stake.

With this investment, BTG funds are ending fundraising to pay Oi to buy InfraCo. Oi sells the assets as part of a bankruptcy reorganization plan.

“We see the movement as positive for V.Tal, as it expresses a vote of confidence in implementing its strategic plan to reach 32 million homes with fiber available at the door by 2025,” notes Louis Sells, Guide’s analysis team.

Away announced that it had signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the capital of Balteau Produtos Elétricos, a company that manufactures adapters for measuring instruments and their kits, located in Itajuba Municipality, Minas Gerais State.

“A traditional company in its sector with operations in Brazil for many years, Balteau has an industrial park of 11,800 square meters of built area and containing the latest equipment and fixtures. With a team of approximately 350 employees, the company specializes in the design, manufacture, electrical testing and technical assistance of current and potential transformers up to 550 kV, inductive potential transformers up to 145 kV, and measuring assemblies up to 36 kV, products that WEG does not implement. Currently in his wallet. In 2020, its net revenue is R$121.7 million.”

iron ore

You are iron ore futures contracts It fell for the fifth session to its lowest price this year as restrictions on China’s steel production weighed on investor demand and expectations for industrial and economic data this week.

Singapore futures reversed early-session gains on Tuesday and are more than $100 below the May record due to lower demand. Energy rationing restricts operations at factories, and China has predicted a deadline for cuts in steel production.

In Singapore, iron ore futures were down 1.3% at $120.50 a ton at 3:27 pm, after dropping 4.9% on Monday. In China, iron ore advanced while steel futures fell.

Santander on Monday announced the purchase of 70% of Mercadotecnia’s Mexican platform, Ideas y Tecnología (MIT), to join it with payments arm Getnet, which is preparing for an initial public offering (IPO) on Nasdaq.

In a statement, Santander said MIT will continue to develop payment solutions and may export its business to other countries. Founded in 2004, MIT has more than 35,000 customers and 125,000 payment terminals (POS), with 10% of the sector in Mexico.

On Monday, the food company BRF reported an investment of 51 million Brazilian reals in its factory in the city of Marao, north of Rio Grande do Sul, to modernize and expand its sausage production unit. The value is part of a 171 million R$ contribution that the company already announced in Rio Grande do Sul in early August.
According to the company, the investment will mostly take place in 2021.

According to a presentation it made to investors last Thursday, Vale projects end in 2022 with an iron ore production capacity of 370 million tons per year, compared to 400 million tons in previous forecasts, as it faces delays in projects in the northern system, where your main mine is. For 2021, the northern system capacity will close at 205 million tons, the same number now projected for the end of 2022.

Gafisa announced the launch of the luxury TOM Delfim Moreira project, located in the Rio neighborhood of Leblon. With a general sales value (PSV) of R$190 million, the building is located on the beachfront and has units from 284m² to 500m².


The daily average of beef exports reached 12,400 tons until the second week of this month, an increase of 83.1% compared to the daily freight volume in September 2020, despite the temporary suspension of protein sales in China, federal government data showed on Monday.

On September 4, the Department of Agriculture confirmed two atypical cases of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), known as “mad cow disease” in Brazil, which has since caused a ban on the Chinese, due to a protocol already in place. Created by the Asian country.

However, exports of Natura protein from Brazil, in addition to recording significant progress in the annual comparison, also increased compared to the first week of the month, where the daily average was 10.5 thousand tons, according to the Minister of Foreign Trade (Secex).

Louisa Stores (MGLU3)

Bradesco BBI had a call with Luiza Magazine’s management, which confirmed that August represented the toughest basis for comparison in 2020, and that growth plans for 2021 continue to move forward. The Bank maintains its ‘Neutral’ recommendation for the company.

The bank says growth remains strong, and Magazine continues to gain market share, according to data from Compre e Confie. But he says he maintains a cautious view of Luiza magazine because, in addition to the competition, he has a cautious view on the company’s growth prospects.

Bradesco BBI met with Francisco Razzolini, Director of Industrial Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Ventures at Clapin. The bank claims to have discussed the company’s environmental and social governance agenda and key challenges and opportunities.

The bank says its 2030 ESG targets underpin strong environmental performance, and the company already has one of the top performers in the industry globally. The bank also says that the company has already reduced Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 64% for the period between 2003 and 2020, and that it intends to reduce them by 25% by 2025 and 49% by 2049. The challenge for the company is to reduce exposure to fossil fuels and the company is studying The best alternatives to it.

BBI also notes that the company is well positioned to invest carbon credits, but says it appreciates that this particular opportunity will take time to materialize, as clear market benchmarks have yet to be set. Bradesco maintains an over-performance of the recommendation and price target of R$40 for two dogs, compared to Tuesday’s quote of R$25.6 for KLBN11 shares.

Itaú BBA upgraded Eneva’s stock rating to an outperformer, highlighting its view as the best way to invest in Brazil’s acute water crisis. The bank claims that the company has the ability to create value by investing in new thermal plants. It also highlights the purchase of the Urucu field, which significantly increases the company’s oil and gas reserves. The target price went from R$15 in 2021 to R$18.60 in 2022.

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