March 3, 2024

Can i charge my cell phone on my laptop or does it damage the battery?

Smartphones are great companions of mankind. Today, it is very difficult to live without one of these devices, since almost everything is connected to the internet and accessible in the palm of your hand. Therefore, despondency comes at the moment when the device’s battery runs out, and we have to run after a place to charge it.

Many people end up using the nearest means of charging, such as computers, for example, using USB cables. On the other hand, others doubt that the device will be able to charge in this way and look for an outlet.

However, is there really a right place to charge a cell phone? What are the consequences of using one or another method? Check it out now!

Which is the better option: charging your cell phone in the outlet or your laptop?

Find out if it's really safe to charge your phone from your computer
Photo: New Africa/Shutterstock

First of all, it is necessary to know that USB cables can transmit both power for charging and data transfer between devices.

Moreover, it is important to know that notebooks and PCs share their load between the components connected to them. And it is precisely for this reason that there is a question whether we can really charge smartphones on another device.

It is noticeable that the phone recharges much slower when connected to a computer, due to the aforementioned load sharing fact. Thus, the more peripherals connected, the less energy is transferred to the battery and the slower it recharges.

The plugs provide a constant electric current of about 1000 milliamps or amps. Therefore, the load is the priority, in contrast to the connection between a PC and a cell phone, which can be unstable and with less current.

Which option should we use?

Well, that depends on your need. It is possible to conclude that charging from an outlet is the safest, fastest and most reliable option. However, if you want to do some data transfer while the phone is charging, or even if you don’t have any ports available, a laptop is the best option.

But is charging on a computer harmful?

The charging process can heat up the device’s battery by increasing the temperature while transferring energy, and this shortens its useful life. Therefore, charging with a USB connected to a computer greatly degrades both devices. So, if possible, choose an outlet to plug your phone into.