March 1, 2024
Can Vladimir Putin declare war on Ukraine soon?  Understanding - News

Can Vladimir Putin declare war on Ukraine soon? Understanding – News

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order Invasion of Ukraine on February 24. But in the past three months, what the West has called a war has been a “special military operation”, aimed at “disarming” neighboring lands and stopping the alleged persecution of Russians in the country.

Despite the bombings, thousands of deaths and millions of refugees, Russia does not legally recognize the military operation as a war. If in practice the Ukrainian panorama has not changed much, then in theory it is already a little different.

According to ESPM-RS professor of international relations, Roberto Ople, there are no high expectations that Putin will declare war on Ukraine, since for the president, military operations in neighboring territories are not offensive.

“[A declaração de guerra] It did not happen and I seriously doubt it will happen because, from the Russian point of view, according to the president’s logic, he is not attacking a foreign country. He is carrying out a military operation in defense of Russian interests and the Russian population in Ukraine R7.

As for international relations, actions on Ukrainian soil are considered acts of war, although Putin does not interpret the invasion in this way.

The professor says that any possible declaration of war would force Putin to honor a series of signed treaties that place restrictions on the actions of armies in foreign lands.

When a country declares war on one country, a country declares war on another country, there are a series of rules that must be adhered to. There is even the law of war, which is specifically to protect the civilian population, and to protect hospitals. In other words, special places to care for the wounded and the displaced.”

Regardless of the Russian interpretation of the meaning of the actions in Ukraine, the crimes allegedly committed by Russian forces under the war treaties will be judged.

“The United Nations itself is already studying the investigation into possible and possible acts of war committed by Russian forces on Ukrainian territory. One of the main consequences of this is already the influx of 8 million Ukrainian refugeeswhich is one of the largest in history and the largest since World War II”, concludes Opel.