January 29, 2023
Can you find the dog that stole the sausage?

Can you find the dog that stole the sausage?

We know that any dog, no matter how well-behaved, can’t resist juicy food that makes a fool of itself, right?

Whether it is on the table or on the floor, or even at the barbecue which offers endless opportunities for this, dogs do not miss the opportunity when no one is watching, quickly grabbing meat, snacks and the like.

In the same vein, while almost every animal pictured below is enjoying balls, bones, or just enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company, one clever dog has a streak of sausage It stole in the mouth before they even got to the grill.

The person responsible for creating this challenge was the English company called Toff London, which specializes in the manufacture of watches. The group says the record for finding this little dog is the fastest 11 secπŸ‡§πŸ‡·

Will you be able to find, pictured below, the only dog ​​with a sausage in time? Let’s see how you do!

Photo: Tove London.

Did you manage to identify the thieving dog in 11 seconds?

If you managed to find the smart dog, congratulations! Now, if you are not able to identify it yet, then continue reading this post and the answer will be at the end of it.

For those who have found and have the famous “eagle eyes”, try to spot all the difference dog breeds represented in the photo.

More distinctive breeds such as Dalmatians and Huskies can command attention, but there are also some more complex breeds, whether pure or mixed breeds.

Furthermore, if you are also interested, as we were, in the fact that a specialized watch making company has created this challenge, in case you want to buy a wristwatch featuring one of the adorable puppies above, you are very lucky.

This is because Tove Londonwhich has been on the market for about 50 years, has a whole range of watches with these same illustrations on the dials so you can show off your love of “doguinhos”.

Among the options, this expression of affection can be directed either towards one of the dogs in the picture or towards a specific puppy of interest to you.

If there is more than one, this is also possible; Or, if you still want them all, they can generally be very well illustrated on the watch exposed on your wrist.

If this display of affection and affection is still not enough, there are always other possible possibilities, such as a tattoo, for example, which would be a nice option.

Although many find it strange, tattoos are one of the most popular proofs of love among pet owners in general. Nice, isn’t it?

Now, without further ado, let us quench your curiosity by showing you where the toughest little dog is in the challenge. See where the answer is in the picture: