April 13, 2024
‘Captain America 4’ Could Tie Wolverine’s Arrival to the MCU!

‘Captain America 4’ Could Tie Wolverine’s Arrival to the MCU!

ArrivalCaptain America 4” And the “WolverineGives the talk among fans Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), or Marvel Cinematographic Universe, in the Portuguese localization. This is because there were rumors that it would be the most ridiculous moment of the fourth stage.

However, as the word itself conveys, rumors are not confirmation of anything, but far-fetched theories that often mean nothing. But the possibility of it being real at some point is not excluded. Let’s see some of them.

Age rumors

a inside Known for always getting specific about Marvel comments centered on rumors about “Captain America 4,” the actor’s debut Anthony Mackie In the cinema, he plays a superhero.

to me inside Richtmann, what will also be in the movie will be “an international struggle over a new mineral called adamantium”.

It is worth noting that “adamantium” is the element that covers the claws and bones Wolverine, from “X-Men”. Furthermore, this element is said to be found on Tiamut Island, which was formed by calcified celestials, seen at the end of “everlasting“.

Rumor also has it that this tie-in in the movie will be to bring a new Wolverine to the show MCU. In general, “Captain America” ​​focuses on a world where there is a lot of cyber engineering. And this is where it all can start to bring the character with iron claws.

Movie has always been stuck with creating super soldiers. Therefore, this mineral may fall into the hands of some agency of talented scientists, who, after all, will be able to develop a new Wolverine for the next few years.

Already in “Eternals,” Celestial’s appearance has caused fans a lot of headaches. This is because nothing is mentioned again after this appearance.

However, if the rumors are true, there is indeed a plan for the end of “Eternals” in order to move in and pave the way for greater events. Perhaps, one of them could really be an arrival X-Men.