June 1, 2023
Leo Dias

Carlinos and Lucas were suspects before the robbery and they have suspects

Last Sunday night, a LeoDias column exclusively mentioned it Bandits robbed Carlinhos Maya and Lucas Guimarães’ apartment, in Alagoas, and acquired 5 million Brazilian riyals. In a conversation with the column, Lucas said that he and his husband were suspicious of some of the people close to them.

“We were already suspicious of everything, now imagine. I only had this information, that Carlinhos wouldn’t be in the apartment. Anyone close to us would have known,” said the influencer, who was working in Cancun, Mexico during the robbery. Also present, he went for plastic surgery in Aracaju.


For the couple, quick action appears to have been premeditated: the building’s alarm was set off as soon as the apartment was invaded. At the same moment, someone called the apartment patrol and asked them to come back. It should be noted that Lucas and Carlinhos apartment is one of the most luxurious apartments in the entire city and occupies an entire floor..

In a report sent to the column, Guimarães said the thieves entered the place around midnight. Also, in a comment on Instagram by the owner of this column, he said: “Let’s find out everything, this is very strange but God will show us the truth. The rings are gone and the fingers are left.”

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