July 14, 2024

Casagrande responds to Thiago Levert: Does he have a memory problem?

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Casagrande mentioned that he shared Globo Esporte de SP with Leifert
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Casagrande mentioned that he shared Globo Esporte de SP with Leifert on Fridays

University of Aole columnist Walter Casagrande Jr. produced a new article Thursday (8th) and reported that narrator and presenter Thiago Levert, of TV Globo, has a “memory problem” due to his rejected cases he told in a post on Wednesday.

In the text published on Dec. 7Casagrande said that Leifert represented the bourgeoisie of sports journalism and accused the narrator and broadcaster of trying to malign him in GQ magazine and on TV Globo Times.

“He tried to mock me several times live, on TV Globo, for favoring his fellow commentators. He mocked presidents in front of everyone for being the son of a director. Not to mention, when he wrote a script for GQ magazine saying that football cannot be confused with politics, I wrote Another script completely backwards (we were both columnists in the same car). He didn’t like it, he asked the manager to fire me. It wasn’t ‘me’ or Casagrande: ‘He,’ it was Tiago who left, Casagrande wrote.

in new columnin which he promised to deal with the subject one last time, Casagrande replied to Leifert on a case-by-case basis.

“This is the last time I touch on this topic, because I will only help Thiago Levert’s memory. In the script he wrote, there are serious problems of forgetfulness. Dear Thiago Levert, how can you say we never worked together, if you go back after I was hospitalized , in 2009 we did EG every Friday, at the request of the late Marco Mora?”, Casagrande began.

The writer recalled an episode where he felt “ignored” by Leifert at Globo Esporte SP. “One Friday it was General Electric’s birthday and there was a party in the studio with balloons and cake and everything. She called everyone in front of the cameras and left me sitting and waiting. It was obvious I wasn’t welcome there.”

In another excerpt, Casagrande recalled the case in which he was supposedly “ridiculed” by the presenter for wearing the Brazilian national team’s serving uniform.

“In the first match of the 2011 Copa América in Argentina, the uniform for the broadcast was a suit with a blue shirt and a gray V-neck jacket. I didn’t find the blue shirt. Instead of wearing a white shirt, because it was different, I wore a blouse of the same color as the jacket, only With the collar closed. At the intermission show, I ran a program to interact with us in the studio. And when we came, Galvo and Arnaldo, I, laughed at my blouse, saying that I had the jacket backwards, in a way that made fun of me in the first block (where we were together again)”, He said.

He added, “On the second set, the director said: Now it’s Thiago and Casso. And I simply left the studio, letting me talk to myself. Galvo helped me.”

An embarrassment in Faust’s house

Casagrande also cited Leifert’s insolence while rotating pizzas at Fausto’s home, in So Paulo. “At a pizzeria at Fausto’s house, we were sitting at a table of eight people. When I left, I shook everyone’s hand and jumped on me. Two people I knew noticed (I’ll keep them) and looked at me disapprovingly of your rudeness.”

Me or Him in GQ Magazine

Casagrande still holds the copy that Tiago Leifert has requested his departure as a columnist for GQ magazine.

“I understand you don’t want to assume that you went to the board to ask for my head because of my letter. And you asked to leave after you went to complain about my letter to the manager. Also because the manager said everyone has by looking at their book. But it’s simple: anyone interested can take the dates of our columns.” And he sees the history that I “left,” wrote Walter Casagrande.

Bad relationship with superiors

In the post responding to Casagrande’s accusations, Leifert denied disagreements with former bosses at TV Globo.

“I never mistreat a boss (I have their phone number!), I talk to everyone and I have a close relationship with everyone. When I left Globo last year I was honored live during primetime (another thing we don’t have in common). That I’m there at Esporte again! They called me to come back, I’m in the same editing room and with the same group,” Thiago wrote.

But Casagrande kept his version: “About your return to the sport, I’ll refresh your memory again: the people you abused haven’t worked at Globo for a while.”

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