May 31, 2023
Cascavel Student is the only Brazilian who participated in the largest science fair in the world

Cascavel Student is the only Brazilian who participated in the largest science fair in the world

Bernardo Damío Camargo, 13, of Escola Eureka, Cascavel (PR), is the only Brazilian representative for Broadcom Masters International, a program affiliated with the Association for Science and the Public and aimed at stimulating the formation of professional leaders in science development.

Bernardo presented the “Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Platform for the Study of Paleontology Using QR Code” project at Mostratec Jr. Last year he was selected for this important event in the USA.

The advisor is Professor Maycon Gustavo Oliveira Lorenço, who is accompanying the student to the meeting to be held between May 8 and 13, in Atlanta, United States, with the participation of elementary school students.

Jader Bernardes, coordinator of Mostratec, said choosing the Brazilian actor was not an easy task. Criteria set by the event itself, such as age, school year, individual projects and level of English, were taken into account, along with performance at Mostratec Júnior (ranking and assessors’ opinions).

“We must emphasize that all students, even those not previously selected, are winners, because despite their young age, they are already able to stand out in an academic environment, they already have a reasonable level of maturity, we already have experience of participating in start-up fairs . the sciences “.

About the project

The development of the project includes the use of 3D modeling platforms such as Unity 3D, with augmented reality and the interaction of QR codes with smartphones and computers to enable the teaching of paleontology in a more intuitive and attractive way, thus having an application and software so that anyone who is impressed with this study can use it.

With the platform complete, enthusiasts of the material and other students from both educational institutions and interested parties who do not have access to fossils and other artifacts available in museums and specialty centers can use the information available in the application to improve their knowledge of this science.