June 4, 2023

Casemiro generates influence and can help Santos acquire PIX worth R$12 million


The steering wheel is one of those in the middle of the talks to be able to carry out the shift

Photo: Julian Feeney/Getty Images – Casemiro

Payroll saints Today it is about R$8 million. The maximum limit set by the Board of Directors, chaired by Andrés Rueda, is approximately R$400,000. With that stipulated by the top management of Vila Belmiro, the amount to be spent on each athlete, promotion or professional who reaches another division is decided outside the four lines.

now, Manchester United can help the president get an unexpected amount: About 12 million Brazilian reals. In this scenario, even the midfielder Casemiro generates such influence that the deal is closed in July, when the transfer window opens. In the third, the midfielder is a 5-time Champions League champion.

a L’Equipe He is eager for PSG to start talks with the Red Devils to send Neymar to the Premier League for good. On European soil, it is expected that The French accept a call option loan of €60m (R$322m at current prices). Of this amount, Peixe is entitled to receive 4% through the solidarity mechanism.

Photo: Ale Cabral/AGIF-Neymar

Where will Neymar play in July?

Where will Neymar play in July?

Go to Manchester City

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Despite this, the future is still an open question. This is because there are a lot of people interested in the No. 10 jersey, although no official has been accepted by Paris Saint-Germain’s senior leadership. In the Premier League, Menino da Villa keeps the doors open, with teams such as Chelsea and Newcastle already mentioned as possible destinations for Ney.

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