September 28, 2023

Cessna Caravan crashes into hangar with paratroopers, killing 5

A Cessna Caravan carrying paratroopers crashes shortly after takeoff in Poland, crashing into a hangar and killing at least 5 people. Aircraft registration company SP-WAW was making its third flight of the day at Chrcynno Airport, when it encountered technical problems after take-off.

According to witness reports, it was very windy at the airport late Sunday afternoon, and in photos circulating on social networks, the plane likely made a sharp turn to the left, practically flying a “knife” before it began to fall. And hit the barn.

As a result of the collision, 5 people died, 5 were injured, and 4 were left uninjured. It was not clear from the Polish authorities how many victims were actually on board and how many were in the hangar. An investigation has been opened to determine the circumstances of the accident.

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