June 14, 2024

ChatGPT in the wrong hands can contribute to crime; Understood!

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ChatGPT in the wrong hands can contribute to crime;  Understood!

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Europol (the European Union Agency for Police Cooperation) produced and published the ChatGPT report on March 27 this year. The report highlights how AI chatbots affect the population and the police force, which must always be up to date and vigilant.

This report is important because it details the myriad of ways people can turn ChatGPT into a tool for criminality, including the use of disinformation, fraud, pedophilia, terrorism, theft, cybercrime, and phishing, to name a few.

ChatGPT is in the wrong hands

ChatGPT (OpenAI) has attracted a lot of attention with its great potential since it was launched last year (2022), supported by Microsoft. This interest greatly stimulated competitors to launch similar products.

“If a potential criminal is unaware of a particular crime area, ChatGPT can greatly speed up the search process, providing important information that can be explored further in later steps,” says the European Police Service.

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And all this power is thanks to ChatGPT’s ability to write highly realistic scripts and represent the speech style of specific individuals or groups. But like ChatGPT, other chat programs, such as Bard (Google) and Claude (Anthropic), can do the same damage.

According to Europol, “As technology advances and new models become available, it will be increasingly important for government to remain at the forefront of these developments to anticipate and prevent abuses.”

The concern is that with ChatGPT it is possible to do mass phishing and even generate codes, even without any programming knowledge, to practice cybercrime.

Fortunately, ChatGPT is undergoing several updates in order to reduce these increasingly criminal actions. According to the Europol report, “GPT-4, which is the latest version, has already made improvements over previous versions and can, as a result, provide more effective help in ending cybercrime.”

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