June 14, 2024

Check out tricks to increase your credit card limit

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Nubank aumentar limite cartão de crédito

the card credit from nubank It is one of the most sought after in Brazil, many people want to be clients of the purple bank! However, at the same time, even those who succeeded are often dissatisfied with the limit received.

This is because the financial technology It uses algorithm-based technology to set how much each person will receive as a limit, and this limit is not always what is required. But the good news is that there are some tips you can follow to get more credit! So, check it out below.

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Check tricks to increase your Nubank card limit

First, it must be said that a digital bank has a feature that makes it possible to “build credit”. The tool was created for people who want to increase their limits over time. It can be found under the “Book As Limit” tab within your app. But to access it, you need to make a deposit, which you can use as a “prepaid” balance.

That is, if you have a low limit, say R$200, but you want a credit card limit of R$1,000, you need to deposit R$800 in this job. The same applies to the release of the required limit. Meanwhile, your money is kept in the Nubank account.

However, there are other ways to increase the limit. In this case, organically, without the need to make any deposit. The first tip is to never delay paying your bills and your card bills. This will not increase the limit. Another trick is to pay the bill before the due date, which shows that you have good financial control. Also, do not pay the minimum bill amount, as this will activate the revolving credit, which has high interest rates.

Finally, always keep your monthly income updated on the Nubank app. This helps the bank see how much you earn, and even how much credit you can get. Using the card frequently, and without going over the limit, will give Nubank more confidence. By following all these steps, you may get an increase in the limit very soon. 😉

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