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Children seek peace after inheritance battle

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Children seek peace after inheritance battle

a Diego Armando Maradona dies after suffering a heart attack, turns into exactly one year today, November 25th. The 60-year-old ace has left five recognized children – and they’re now trying to get it together after starting a real MMA legacy to their legacy.

Maradona did not record any wills, which created a favorable environment for the most diverse conflicts. The dispute (and related thorny exchanges) has well-established trenches. The most numerous are those belonging to the “first family” of Maradona, with his eldest daughters Dalma (34) and Giannina (32) and his ex-wife Claudia Villavini on one hand, and three belatedly identified children on the other. Diego Jr. (35 years old). reap (25) e Digito Fernando (8 years old), the youngest and the most vocal defender of his rights on Argentine television, where his stepfather, lawyer Mario Pudri, was close to Maradona in his final months.

This number of heirs may increase this year with two tests DNA to be held in La paying off, On December 14 – two teenagers, Majali Jill and Eugenia laprovitola, They claim that they are also Maradona’s daughters.

The Argentine star’s last wish was to reunite all his children on his 60th birthday, which didn’t happen. Regarding the father’s memory, the two eldest daughters, Dalma and Gianna, already indicated on social networks that they seek to strengthen relations with others, even to reduce conflicts in the division of property. They both also understand that a peaceful union would mitigate, for everyone, the effects of a life as troubled as that of Diego.


The fortune made by Maradona became a real fetish for the always detailed Argentine press. Shortly after his death, estimates such as Clarin, the country’s largest newspaper, put the inheritance at $100 million (561 million Brazilian reais). You’ll come from real estate in Argentina and around the world, as well as cars, rings, jewelry and watches – all of the highest luxury. This account does not include image right, an amount that is always difficult to assess.

According to “Crônica TV”, a channel from Buenos Aires, there will be 600 million US dollars (about 3.3 billion Brazilian reals) at stake. Diego was one of the highest-paid athletes of all time, hoarding dollar signs in payroll, sponsorship, and image rights until his last days – and history shows rivers of money generated after the death of the figures of his greatness.

Mara - America TV Play - America TV Play

Maradona’s last girlfriend, Rossio Oliva, and the former player with his daughters Dalma and Gianna (above) and Jana and Digitto (below)

Photo: America TV Play

So far, $6 million has been found in Swiss bank accounts, as well as a coffee shop he owns in Dubai and 5% of Dynamo. Brest, club Belarus. A further $6 million is being sought from the contract Maradona signed with Amazon Prime Video to produce “Maradona: Conquista de um Sonho,” a hit that has been available on the platforms since last month.

He explained the discrepancy between the numbers. Because Maradona’s legacy is universal, Judge Luciana Tedesco subordinate River need to wait for several permits to start the distribution which does not even contain the full number of heirs yet, by the scheduled tests of DNA. “It is impossible to determine any account or date,” she says.

Argentine law states that two-thirds of the property is for children, and the last third goes to parents or spouses. Maradona’s parents died before the star, who was single in recent months.


Other items for Maradona will be auctioned on December 19, and part of the collected money has already been allocated, namely, the payment of taxes.

Property, cars and even personal belongings stored in the luggage compartment will be sold in San Isidro.

The objects in such a chest are of great historical value. There are up to two shirts associated with football Brazilian: One from the Brazilian national team, signed by Rivellino, the other from the Brazilian national team Atletico MG, by Jesus Datolo, Maradona’s midfielder in his days as coach of the Argentina national team.

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