February 26, 2024
China accuses NATO of corrupting Europe and causing conflicts in Asia |  Globalism

China accuses NATO of corrupting Europe and causing conflicts in Asia | Globalism

Ministry of Foreign Affairs China accused NATO This Thursday (28) of “tampering” with Europe and stirring up conflicts in the Asia-Pacific region, after the UK Foreign Secretary said China The RFI news agency stated that he must “abide by the rules”.

“The NATOIt is a military organization in the North Atlantic, and in recent years it has come to the Asia-Pacific region to get rid of its weight and provoke conflict. “They spoiled Europe and now they want to spoil Asia?” said Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

Problems with the UK

During Wednesday, the British chancellor, Liz Truss, made new calls for strengthening NATO After the war in Ukraine coordinated moves to isolate Russia The global economy has proven that market access for democracies is not what it used to be.

“States must abide by the rules. This includes ChinaShe said.

Liz Truss, British chancellor, at a press conference in February 2022 – Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry / Disclosure / Reuters

In her speech, Truss said that NATO It has had to anticipate threats in the Indo-Pacific and expand its perspective to include democracies outside its members, such as Taiwan, which Beijing says is a breakaway Chinese province that must be restored.

The China Refuse to condemn the invasion of Ukraine before RussiaOne of your closest allies. The move sparked European criticism and calls to use its influence on Moscow to change the course of the war.

“We show with Russia The kind of choices we are willing to make when international rules are violated, Wang said.

Flags of NATO member states fly outside the headquarters in Brussels – Photo: Olivier Matisse/Associated Press

According to the British newspaper, The Guardian, a summit was recently held between ChinaThe European Union was tense as Chinese representatives rejected European peer pressure to help end the war. Premier Li Keqiang said Beijing would seek peace “in its own way”.

Prior to this, Minister Truss told Australian media that she did not rule out that China use invasion Russia As an opportunity to launch your aggressive act.