June 23, 2024

China takes measures to contain Covid-19 in Beijing despite low number of cases – News

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China takes measures to contain Covid-19 in Beijing despite low number of cases - News

Attempts to completely eradicate Covid in China, the so-called Covid Zero strategy, have not met expectations of the world’s second largest economy, but records of new cases are still well below levels seen in many western cities.

Vice Premier Sun Chunlan called for more comprehensive measures to contain the transmission of the virus and adhere to the country’s zero-Covid-19 policy during an inspection visit to Beijing, Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.

The Chinese capital recorded only 48 new cases on Monday (23) among its population of about 22 million. However, the city has stepped up quarantine efforts in an effort to slow transmission of the disease.

“The situation in Beijing can be controlled, but containment efforts cannot be mitigated,” Xinhua quoted Sun as saying.

In an example of the rigor of Beijing’s approach, about 1,800 people in a city district have been moved to Zhangjiakou city in neighboring Hebei Province for quarantine, the Beijing Daily reported.

The situation in Shanghai

In Shanghai, officials plan to keep most restrictions in place this month, before the lockdown is fully lifted from June 1. However, public places will have to limit the flow of people to 75% of capacity.

Shanghai, a city of 25 million people, is preparing to lift its strict lockdown in just over a week.

Residents in some compounds were allowed to enter and leave their homes freely, while others were told they were only allowed to go out for a few hours.

Videos circulating on social media this week show residents arguing with authorities for the release of their housing project.

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