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Classes for the week from 16 to 21 August. TV news

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Classes for the week from 16 to 21 August.  TV news

Second, 8/16 (Chapter 109)
Cora thinks of opening Jose Alfredo’s coffin. Jose Alfredo remembers the requests he made to Joshua. Cora sleeps in the cemetery. Salvador hears Orville selling his paintings and decides to flee. Maurelio got a lawyer for Danielle. Orville is looking for Salvador. Maria Marta decided to marry Amanda and Jose Pedro. Maria Marta calls Isis.

Magnolia says she will not help her daughter. Helena comforts Maria Marta. Elvaldo asks Cristina to leave Jose Alfredo’s family. Maria Marta cries as she thinks of Jose Alfredo. Enrico is abandoned by Maria Clara. Beatriz does not accept that Enrico was responsible for vandalizing the restaurant. Claudio calls Leonardo. Vicente worries about Maria Isis. Joshua runs over Salvador on his way to the cemetery.

Tuesday 08/17 (Chapter 110)
Maria Marta dreams of Jose Alfredo. Danielle celebrates the end of her marriage. Orville could not find Salvador. Maria Isis is sick at work. Jose Alfredo faints inside the coffin. Helena escorts Salvador to the hospital. Josué manages to open Jose Alfredo’s coffin.

Cora hears the captain’s screams and tells the cemetery administration. Helena tells Orville that Salvador is in the hospital. Cristina meets Jose Alfredo. Cristina Maria Marta and her children tell that Jose Alfredo has transferred his stake in the company to her.

Wednesday, 8/18 (Chapter 111)
Cora keeps Jose Alfredo’s ring. Jose Alfredo travels to a city in the interior. Orville meets Salvador. Merivale advises that Maria Marta and her children must obey the commands of the leader so as not to harm themselves when sharing the Império jewelry store. Morelio asks Maria Marta to marry him.

José Pedro finds that the Império jewelry store has zero accounts and has a meeting with his brothers. Take Amanda Doe to the doctor. José Alfredo arrives in his new city and buys a mine a lot. Morelio tells Teo about the financial crisis at the Império jewelry store. Jose Alfredo starts working at Garimpo.

Thursday 8/19 (Chapter 112)
Maria Marta celebrates the wedding of Joao Lucas. Cora denies the story she told Teo. Salvador returns home. Roberto comforts Maria Isis. Jose Alfredo sells diamonds to Dionisio. Morelio and Danielle kiss. Maria Marta asks Merivale about Jose Alfredo’s fortune.

Amanda invites Leonardo to Joao Lucas’ wedding. Maria Clara is jealous of Christina. Do Joao told Lucas that he was expecting twins. Jose tells Jose Alfredo of his son’s marriage. Manuel and Josue Antonino tell of the false death of the Comendador.

Christina, Marta and their children make an offer to Morelio not to lose the Emporio jewelry store. Jose Alfredo celebrates the success of his plans. Jose Alfredo decided to return to Rio de Janeiro.

Friday, 8/20 (Chapter 113)
Beatrice misses Enrico. Claudio calls Leonardo. Doe is taken to the maternity hospital and Joao Lucas tries to calm her down. Jose tells Antonio and Manuel that Jose Alfredo will be back. Cora tries to hide it when her nephews ask about Jairus. Orville suggests that Salvador paint portraits of Helena.

Doctor Maria Marta and Joao Lucas told that Doe and the children were in danger of dying. Bruna is angry with Daniel because she approached Morelio. Amanda spends Christmas Eve alone.

Enrico calls Maria Clara. Elivaldo and Tuane together. Roberto is being harassed by fans. Jose tells Cristina about the return of Jose Alfredo. Maria Marta tries to calm Joao Lucas. Do asks to save his children. Joshua meets Jose Alfredo again.

Saturday, 8/21 (Chapter 114)
Jose tells Jose Alfredo everything that happened in his absence. Joao Lucas is moved when he talks to Maria Marta about his children. Batista sees Jose Alfredo in front of the Maria Isis building. Twins Joao Lucas and Dou were born. Cristina meets Jose Alfredo. Leonardo sees Enrico on the street. Helena asked Téo to announce the birth of Joao Lucas’ children.

Zana is jealous of Nana. Orville thinks of telling Helen the truth about Salvador. Otoniel asks Pietro for information about his brother. Maria Clara is stunned when Cristina talks about Jose Alfredo. Jose Alfredo calls Maria Isis.

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