February 28, 2024

Cláudio Caçapa explains John Textor’s call, heralds continuity and praises Botafogo’s staff: “a very welcoming and familiar group”

Announced on Friday as the interim head coach of the BotafogoAnd Claudio Cacappa Already leading the team on Sunday (2/7) vs BasqueIn the Nilton Santos Stadium. Professional, member LeonTalk about your invitation John Textor When the team arrives for the match later.

It was all very fast. I was already on vacation in Brazil, in my hometown, Lavras, Minas Gerais, and I received an invitation, a summons from John, if I could lend a hand, a helping hand until they resolved the situation. There was no room, Botafogo opened its doors and accepted the invitation – said Caçapa to “SportTV”.

The new provisional from Botafogo met the team in Focus already, Saturday, after Lucio Flavio Having directed rehearsals on Friday and Saturday. Cakappa praised the Alfingro group very much.

The group accepted me very well, it was very easy to get there, a very familiar and welcoming group, not only the athletes but also the committee. Botafogo has everything to maintain the level it is at Caçapa predicted.

Claudio Casaba called for the continuity of the work that was being done under the leadership Luis Castro.

I’ve used one word since the first day I met each word: “continuity.” The club is doing very well, given the work done so well, there was no reason for me to arrive and want to change everything immediately. I told them we will continue the great work. Having Lucio Flavio was very important, because he already knows the club and that would make my job easier. – Completed.

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