February 28, 2024

CNN launches anchor Chris Cuomo

a CNN On Saturday (4), it reported that anchor Chris Cuomo had “detached” from the station with “immediate effect”.

The announcement came after an outside law firm was tasked with reviewing information on exactly how Cuomo helped his brother, the former governor of New York. Andrew CuomoAnd accused of sexual harassment.

“Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week while new information that has emerged about his involvement in his brother’s defense is being analyzed. We have appointed a reputable law firm to conduct the review, and are shutting down effective immediately.” CNN in the current situation.

“During the analysis process, additional information emerged,” the text adds. “Despite the closure, we will properly investigate.”

Chris Cuomo himself also issued a statement on Saturday. “This is not what I wanted for my time CNN I’m done, but I already told you why and how I helped my brother. So let me just say that, as disappointing as it is, I can’t be proud of the “Cuomo Prime Time” team and the work we’ve done as a premiere in CNN According to the most competitive table. I owe them all and will miss this group of special people who have done a really important job.”

Although features of Chris Cuomo’s involvement with the former governor’s office were revealed several months ago, the details were outlined in a batch of documents last Monday. The files – released by the New York Attorney General’s office Letitia James after an investigation with the former governor – showed that Chris Cuomo, while working as one of the principal reporters at the CNNHe also worked effectively as an unpaid advisor to the former governor.

The intimate and inappropriate nature of the relationship was noted by text messages obtained from James’ office. Messages between the broadcaster and several of the referees’ aides and allies revealed that Chris Cuomo sought to use his network of media contacts to help Andrew Cuomo’s team prepare when people began making their accusations public.

On the day his brother resigned as governor in August, Chris Cuomo told viewers, “This situation is unlike anything I’ve imagined.”

He indicated that he never acted in the coverage of the sexual harassment scandal or attempted to interfere in its coverage CNN. He admitted that he “tried to be” with his brother when the scandal broke.

I am not a consultant. I am a brother. I was not responsible for anything. “I was there to listen and give my opinion,” he said.

direction CNN Showing support for Cuomo, and Cuomo Prime Time, often the network’s highest-rated show, remained on the air throughout the controversy.

But as the “Reliable Sources” program described at the time, some employees in CNN They were bothered by Cuomo and his violations of press rules.

The controversy intensified after James’ office released text messages, sworn affidavits and other primary documents from the investigation of the former governor.

When the documents were released on Monday, the direction CNN He said that “thousands of pages of additional text and evidence” will be evaluated over the next few days.

Tuesday night (30), it was CNN He indicated that the content was dangerous enough to result in Suspension.

“When Chris admitted to us that he advised his brother’s team, he broke our rules, and we publicly admitted it,” the network said in a statement. “But we also took into account the unique position he was in and understood his need to put family first and work second.”

The statement added, “These documents indicate a greater level of involvement in his brother’s efforts than we previously knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely, pending further evaluation.”

Cuomo initially declined to comment on the decision. On his Wednesday (1) radio show, he said the comment was “embarrassing” but understandable. He also stated that he never wanted to “compromise” any of his colleagues and that he would respect the process.

According to Saturday’s announcement, the lawsuit involved an outside law firm, a fact that had not previously been disclosed.

With information received from text messages and documents indicating a serious violation of the rules CNNCuomo was notified of its closure this Saturday.

Press release from CNN It also indicates “additional information (that) arose” during the analysis of the mass of documents. Spokesman CNN He preferred not to disclose more details about this information.

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