February 27, 2024
Companies in the crosshairs against piracy piracy

Companies in the crosshairs against piracy piracy

Have you ever heard of ghost hacking? This is the new name for pirated software used for remote work. The problem has become one of the most prominent technology in Southeast Asia recently. Firms with significant authority in their sectors have reported the practice causing problems.

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The main development that raised the concern is the one that involves big projects and huge business. If some steps are developed using unlicensed software, then all efforts can be reduced to nothing. The Software Alliance (BSA) will help Asian authorities identify piracy piracy.

Enforcement tightens the blockade against fake piracy

For example, Malaysia’s Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Affairs already carried out the ninth operation in June to combat fake piracy. The agency targets an interior design firm and a construction firm. The aim is to punish and restrict companies’ use of unofficial (pirated) software.

Companies have unlicensed software worth $150,000. This means approximately 750,000 Brazilian Reals in direct conversion to Brazilian currency. All pirated software was installed on the companies’ machines and used by trainees and hired professionals.

A major streaming platform, whose name has not been mentioned, has also been caught in a fake hacking in Thailand. The information was passed on to the Economic and Information Crime Police, who conducted a search. The resulting loss from the program was $200,000.

Remote access to unlicensed software

It should be noted that access to these unlicensed programs is done remotely. The BSA Director explained, “The process of remote access to unlicensed software, described as ‘ghost hacking,’ takes place among design, creative, animation, and engineering professionals in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, to name a few. Tarun Swani.

Companies are exposed to significant legal risks when using phantom hacking.