April 13, 2024
Concerns Arise as Tesla Stock Retreats – Shiv Telegram Media

Concerns Arise as Tesla Stock Retreats – Shiv Telegram Media

Title: Tesla Stock Experiences Pullback on Falling Gross Margins Despite Strong Earnings

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Tesla’s stock is facing a downward trend following the release of its second-quarter financials, as concerns over falling gross margins outweigh its strong earnings and revenue performance. This development has prompted experts to speculate that Tesla’s impressive run may be coming to an end.

David Ryan, a former portfolio manager, recently made headlines when he claimed that Tesla’s strong performance might be waning based on the company’s recent price movements. Over the past few weeks, Tesla’s stock has experienced three significant moves since June 21. The latest dip, which occurred on July 3, was particularly notable due to its lighter volume.

The decline in Tesla’s stock began after the announcement of its second-quarter earnings, revealing a 2.6% decrease in operating profit compared to the previous year. Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, reportedly sold off tranches of her firm’s Tesla stock holdings prior to the earnings announcement, signaling her concerns.

Another portfolio manager, Irusha Peiris, has also sold some of his Tesla stock position after it broke below the 21-day line, expressing disappointment in the stock’s performance. This decision reflects the growing skepticism surrounding the company’s ability to maintain its momentum.

Although Tesla’s total gross profit grew by 7% in the second quarter, gross margins declined to 18.2% from 19.3% in the previous quarter. Despite this setback, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, called the margin drop “silly” and expressed confidence in the company’s long-term outlook.

From a technical standpoint, Tesla’s stock is significantly extended from a cup base with a 207.79 buy point. However, it is currently working on a deeper cup base with a 313.80 buy point, indicating a potential buying opportunity for investors.

In terms of industry rankings, Tesla stock holds a 98 Composite Rating, a 95 Relative Strength Rating, and a 94 EPS Rating, securing its position as the third-ranking automaker in the industry group.

While Tesla’s recent stock performance may indicate a temporary setback, market watchers and investors alike will be closely monitoring the company’s next moves to determine whether it can regain its former momentum.

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