June 7, 2023
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Conrado and Alexandro: The bus driver speaks for the first time about the accident and responds to the accusations

On May 7th, the Dual Country Bus Konrad And Alexander suffered seriously incident In the interior of Sao Paulo, he left six fatal victims. Among them is the singer Alexandro himself. Amid speculation about the lack of wisdom behind the wheel, driver Valduer Euripides da Silva broke his silence on what happened and defended himself against the accusations.

In an interview with the programWonderful Sunday‘, which will be shown in TV recording Next Sunday (15) the professional presented his view on the situation. “I know it’s not my fault. It’s not my fault because the tire blew and I lost my steering”It was announced, according to information published by the portal R7.

Silva also provided details about the trip, and sparked outrage about how he handled the tragedy. “It’s so sad”Unfortunately, in the report, which examines the causes of the recurrence of accidents on the roads.

The driver spoke to “Spectacular Sunday” about the accident. Photo: reproduction

Two days after the accident, Viral on social networks, a video clip of Conrado and Alexandro’s bus caught speeding On the Regis Bittencourt Highway, where the tragedy occurred. The author of the recording, who preferred to remain anonymous, said he did not expect the story to yield such a result. “I saw the duo’s name written and thought I could record it and then forward the video. It was planned to find their phone to show how the driver was going on the highway. I never imagined that an accident could happen.”he told G1.

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The 46-year-old reported the video recording at 9:47 a.m., moments before the accident – the bus capsized at around 10:30 a.m. In the photos, he appears to be complaining about the attitude of the artists’ car driver. “Then there is an accident and they always blame something else, but recklessness speaks louder here! It beats trucks like a pickup”He said in the footage.

Joao Vitor Moreira Sills, better known as Conrado, is still in hospital. In the medical bulletin provided on Friday, specialists said the singer remains in the intensive care unit, “clear, with spontaneous breathing, comfortable and stable.” Anna Moraes, friend of the artist He revealed that he had already woken up and remembered the accident. “He is very conscious and disturbed by what happened, he remembers some scenes, but he is as well as possible, ” She said.

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The A serious accident occurred around 10:30 am last Saturday (7)., on the Régis Bittencourt motorway, near Miracatu, in the interior of São Paulo. Alexandro, the first voice of the duo with Conrado, was one of the fatal victims. In addition to him, the death of Wesley Alston Roberto Noves (musician), of Sandovalina (SP); Marzio Allan Anibal (musician) from Ibora (PR); Giovanni Gabriel Lopez dos Santos (Technician) from Londrina (PR); Roger Alexo Calcagnoto (musician), from Londrina (PR) and Gabriel Fukuda (lighting technician), São Sebastião de Amorera (PR).

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A bus accident left six people dead. (Photo: clone)
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The Federal Highway Police (PRF) has revealed that the driver lost directional control after a tire exploded on the road, causing the bus to overturn at the work site. At least 19 people were inside the car. Eleven victims received care in emergency rooms in the area with minor injuries.