May 28, 2023

Cooking gas prices are expected to rise 15% in May

Cooking gas price should go up in May. The sector is estimated to increase by about 15%.

The price increase estimate was released this Friday, the 28th, by the National LPG Distributors Association. The biggest villain is the collection of the tax on the circulation of goods and services (ICMS).

starting next month, The rate will be uniform throughout Brazil. The procedure has been approved by the states through National Fiscal Policy Council In December 2022, according to the newspaper the world.

With the consolidation, the price of gas will rise in the Federal District and in 21 of the 26 states of Brazil. Only in three of them should the value decrease. They are: Santa Catarina (-21.2%), Minas Gerais (-18.7%), Rio Grande do Norte (-1.4%). In the other three, the expectation is stability.

The largest increase will occur in Mato Grosso (84.5%). Here are Bahia (77.3%), Sergipe (56.2%), Rio de Janeiro (49.8%), Amapa (44.9%), Rio Grande do Sul (35.1%), São Paulo (28.5%), Federal District (23%) , Goiás (23%), Piauí (21.8%), Pernambuco (18.6%), Maranhão (19.7%), Tocantins (21.4%), Mato Grosso (16.9%), Alagoas (12.8%), Paraná (9.5%), Pará (8%), Roraima (5.5%), Rondonia (5%), Amazonas (4.1%) and Paraiba (2.4%).

Today, the average amount of ICMS charged for the price of bottled gas in Brazil is R$14.23. With the new system, it rises to R$16.34.