June 23, 2024

Copa do Brasil 2023: The CBF is approaching the Round of 16 this Tuesday | Brazil Cup

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Copa do Brasil 2023: The CBF is approaching the Round of 16 this Tuesday |  Brazil Cup

The CBF will tie the Round of 16 ties of the 2023 Brazil Cup this Tuesday, at 1pm, in Rio de Janeiro. GE broadcasts live from 12:30 p.m. You can also watch sports.

Copa do Brasil qualified for the Round of 16

The 16 teams will be in the same pot, with no restrictions on clashes. Field orders are made by the CBF shortly after the eight duels are decided.

Matches are scheduled for the weeks of May 17 and 31.

Brazil Cup – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF


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America – MG, Bahia, Botafogo, Grimo, and Santos are still from the first stage. Only Paysandu, the Copa Verde champions, did not advance among the teams entering the third stage – they fell to Fluminense. The rest joined the quintet.

Atletico, Atletico MG, Corinthians, Flamengo, Fortaleza, Fluminense, Internacional and Palmeiras came through Libertadores. Entered Sao Paulo through Brazil. Cruzeiro were champions of Serie B, while Sport won the Cup du Nordest. Pernambuco is the only team from the second division.

No zebras! The favored team advances to the Round of 16 in the Copa do Brasil


The matches will be two-legged, with a penalty shootout to be decided in the event of a tie on aggregate. Goals scored away from home will not be used as a tie-breaker in the third stage.

From the quarter-finals, the draft determines clashes, field orders, and switches through to the final.


The Brazilian Football Confederation will distribute a record prize pool for the Copa Brazil 2023. R$420 million will be divided between the first and final stages. The champion gets R$70 million and the runner-up R$30 million, not counting the accumulated value of the other stages.

There has been a significant change in the criteria for awarding the clubs that will win now according to the division of the Brazilian championship in which they are competing. Clubs without a national division will receive the same pot value as clubs in the third division and league. (see table below).

The Brazilian Cup champion will collect R$91.8 million if he comes from the first stage and is part of Group 1; R$91.35 million if it is part of Group 2 or R$90.35 million if it is from Group 3.

If the champion is one of the 12 teams that will start from the third stage, the accrued prize in the event of a title will be R$88.7 million.

Table with trophies for the 2023 Brazil Cup – Image: Reproduction

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