February 27, 2024
Corinth finished preparations to meet Cyr;  See potential lineup

Corinth finished preparations to meet Cyr; See potential lineup

On Wednesday morning, Corinthians finished their last pre-match training session against Ciara, away from home. At CT Joaquim Grava, Sylvinho finished the preparation and outlined what it relates to – See the 24 names here.

After warming up in Field 1 of the CT, the players went to Field 2, where Sylvinho performed a pointing and possession action on a low field. In the final part of the drill, the players practiced offensive and defensive set pieces focusing on Thursday’s match, at 20:00, in Castellao. The cast is traveling to Fortaleza this Wednesday.

In the match against Ciara, Corinthians will miss Cantello and Giuliano, both of whom have injuries to the hamstring of the right thigh. Along with them, Rooney is not going to Fortaleza because he is suspended, while Rowan Oliveira is still recovering from a surgical revision to his left knee.

Thus, the trend is for Sylvinho to repeat the squad that won the derby against Santos last Sunday. The Corinthians should go into the field with: Cassius. Wagner, Joao Victor, Gil and Fabio Santos; Gabriel, Duqueros, Renato Augusto, Gabriel Pereira and Roger Geddes; profession



It is worth noting that Corinthians is currently ranked fourth in the Brazilian League with 53 points. Parque São Jorge is just counting on you to stay within the G4.

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