September 26, 2023
Corinthians crushes so Gus even with the reserve team and remains undefeated at Paulista Feminin

Corinthians crushes so Gus even with the reserve team and remains undefeated at Paulista Feminin

Corinthians scored another strong victory Thursday noon. Even while playing away from home, Alfinegra crushed São Jose 5-0 and remain undefeated at Paulistau Mulherr.

The goals of Corinthians were scored by Jennifer, Miriam, Vic Albuquerque, Erika and Adriana. Timão opened the scoring in the first few minutes of the match and at no point did he see São Jose threaten his advantage.

Timão’s agenda! Corinthians now turn key and focus on the semi-finals from Brazil. Next Sunday, at 8 p.m., Timão will visit the Fonte Luminosa railway.

Lined up!

Arthur Elias chose Corinthians with almost a full reserve squad. Spare his athletes in the semi-finals of Brazil, the coach sent the team to the field with Kemelli, Poliana, Tarciane, Gi Campiolo, Juliete, Ingryd, Grazi, Miriam, Cocoa, Vic Albuquerque, Jheniffer.


My Timon

São Jose in turn started the match with Zani, Joe Oliveira, Karen, Riveros, Camila, Larissa Vasconcelos, Ionara, Thina, Nyan, Barbara and Verena.

How was the game?

First time

Corinthians started the match by pressing their opponents already and at the end of the second they managed to open the scoring, with less than five minutes of play. Kakao put in a good display down the left flank and got a low pass for Jennifer to finish first in the small penalty area and open the scoring.

The Alvinegra team has captured and controlled the game’s movements. About ten minutes, Sao Jose hit the first shot on goal, but the ball did not pose any danger to Kimili’s goal. The Corinthians tried their access mainly through the wings, but they erred in submission.

With about 23 minutes, right after Timão’s good attempt on the right with Poliana, the referee signaled a stop for the water. On the return of the game, the Corinthians followed in search of space on the edge of the court and Juliet tried to the left, but the cross was removed.

After a lot of pressure, Corinthians scored their second goal of the match. Vic Albuquerque received a pass from the right, went to the finish line and crossed in measure for Mary to take control and hit the corner, ensuring 2-0. It was the team’s 100th goal of the year!

It didn’t take Corinthians long to reach the third goal. Back on the right, Polly received the pass and set up a scale for Vick to head home aggressively and score Timon 3rd. In the next step, the fourth goal almost came when Vick and Kakao scored in the middle, but the serve was ruled out from the finish line.

The last minutes of the first stage were “at a low pace” and without new goals. Thus, the first forty-five minutes ended with the benefit of the Corinthians.


For the second stage, Arthur Elias made six of the seven allowed changes: Erika, Andrecinha, Gabi Zanotti, Gabi Portillo, Tamiris and Adriana replaced J. Campiolo, Ingrid, Grazie, Cocoa, Vic Albuquerque and Jennifer.

Once again, Alvengra’s team started the second half and quickly scored again. And in a corner kick, Andresenha put the ball over the head of defender Erika, who was determined to score her first goal of the season and Timon’s fourth in the match!

São Jose had great difficulty organizing on the pitch and Corinthians took advantage of their opponent’s weakness to build mainly on the left, now with Gabi Portillo. Still struggling to break through the defense, the team tried with Andressinha in a free kick, but he did not take any danger.

Corinthians tried again in the middle, with Tamires. The number 37 shirt removed the marks and tried to run towards Maryam on the edge of the area, but the pass was too long. In the next step, Timon approached the fifth goal: at Polyana’s cross, Juliet controlled the ball and hit it hard, but the defense blocked it. The ball was still alive and Tamiris fought for it, but goalkeeper Zani pushed it away.

During a hydration break, Arthur Elias changed hands for the last time and put Diane in Miriam’s place. Shortly after entering, the number 8 shirt was already assisted by Timon and a pass for Adriana to kick it from distance and try to score, but the opposing archer put up a good defense.

Gabi Zanotti and Adriana worked on the left flank to balance and make life difficult for the defender. Corinthians crept into the area, the number 16 jersey got rid of the goalkeeper and played with the 10, who shot hard, but saw Zani save the ball.

When the lights went out, Adriana managed to score Timão’s fifth goal! Gabi Zanotti has a great pass for Gabi Portillo on the left. The 18 shirt got rid of the defenses and the cross of the striker to blow the net and give the final numbers for the match.

So Gus 0 x 5 Corinthian datasheet

Contest: Sao Paulo Women’s Championship
Sweetened: Dr. Mrio Martins Pereira, Sao Jos dos Campos, SP
data: August 26, 2021 (Thursday)
Hor Wacotrio: 3:00 pm (Brazilia)
Rule: Clipper Canto dos Santos
Auxiliaries: Patricia Carla de Oliveira and Denis Matthews Afonso Ferreira
Objectives: Mary, Victoria Albuquerque, Jennifer, Erica, Adriana (Corinthians)
yellow card: Tarciane (Corinth)

SO JOS: Joker; Joe Oliveira, Karen, Riveros, Camila, Larissa Vasconcelos, Ionara, Thane, Nyan, Barbara and Verena.

Corinth: Kimeli. Poliana, Tarcian, Giovanna Campiolo (Erica), Juliet, Ingrid (Andersina), Grazie (Gabi Zanotti), Mary (Diani), Cocoa (Gabi Portillo), Victeria Albuquerque (Tamires) and Jennifer (Adriana).
idiomatic: Arthur Elias

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