June 25, 2024

Corinthians must announce Roger Geddes in memory of Palmeiras

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Corinthians must announce Roger Geddes in memory of Palmeiras

The final of the Sao Paulo Championship was in its last moments, in the additions of the second half, when it was Corinthians Advertise Sylvino Recruitment.

Inevitably, the media, especially those in São Paulo, could not pay special attention to the São Paulo title.

As an intruder at the time, Corinthians secured their space in the media and aroused the interest of their fans on social networks with a strange topic about the decision of the state in which he was located.

It is clear that the action was not by accident, but was planned by the communications department of Alfinegro.

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Once again, Corinthians must use their media power as a strategy to outsmart the opponent in some way.

a sports newspaper I found that everything was headed for Timão to officially announce Roger Guedes on Thursday morning, specifically on the birthday of arch rival Palmeiras.

Internally, there is no doubt that the topic will focus itself on news sites, sports discussions and social networks.

But in the club, no one talks openly about “serendipity”.

Shandong Luneng confirmed, on Tuesday, the termination of the contract with the 24-year-old striker. On Wednesday, it was the athlete’s turn to bid farewell to the Chinese. The path was clear and the day was set aside for final meetings and arrangements with Corinth, which should formalize an agreement by the end of 2024.

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