June 13, 2024

Corinthians re-introduce after beating rival Palmeiras

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Corinthians re-introduce after beating rival Palmeiras

After taking a break last Sunday, the . team Corinthians He reappeared at CT Joaquim Grava to return to training after defeating rival Palmeiras at the New Quémica Arena. The activity was light, the ball holders were spared from the ball activity and coach Sylvinho had nothing but reserves on the field.

The ten squad holders performed regeneration exercises and didn’t even wear their shoes. This practice is common in the days after games and is done to shorten the muscle recovery period for athletes. The team tends to get back to work with the ball practically tomorrow or Wednesday, when Sylvinho will start planning the team for the next game.

Meanwhile, reserves led to low field practice. The technical staff focused on possession and movement of the ball and directing pressure. After that, some athletes stayed on the field and did some special exercises with assistants Alex and Doreva.

NS Corinthians Return to the field next Saturday (2) to face Red Bull Bragantino In the stadium of the Prophet Abi Shadid. The duel is valid for 23rd round of the Brazilian Championship It occupies fifth place in the table, as both teams have the same number of points (33) in the national competition.

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