February 29, 2024
Corinthians' rival on Thursday prioritizes domestic leagues and leaves the defending champions in Bolivia

Corinthians’ rival on Thursday prioritizes domestic leagues and leaves the defending champions in Bolivia

This Thursday, at the New Coimica Arena, Corinthians are supposed to have a different confrontation and a weak always-prepared regarding their final day 5 duel. On that occasion, Timao suffered their only defeat in the 2022 Libertadores – the Bolivians won in La Paz, for 2 to 0.

That is why coach Eduardo Villegas has chosen to leave his key players off the trip to Brazil. The Bolivian national team has already exited the South American Championship and decided to play against Atletico Palmafor on Sunday in the quarter-finals of the national championship.

All 11 holders of the first duel remained in La Paz. Alejandro Chumacero, Sergio Adrian, Gustavo Cristaldo and Marcos Riquelme were not included. In addition to these, Mark Enomba (kicked out) and Nelson Cabrera (yellow third) suspension are no longer options.

Four other names remain in doubt for Thursday: Arnaldo Jimenez (goalkeeper), Rodrigo Ramalo, Alex Rampal and Juan Carlos Ars. The quartet could arrive in Sao Paulo on Wednesday night or even on match day. Villegas traveled to Brazil with only 17 players.

Due to absences, the trend is for Always Ready to start at the Neo Química Arena with a completely different team than the one that played at La Paz. From goalkeeper to striker.

“We have to meet (the table), it is a game that does not interfere with us, but we have to achieve it and we will try to do it in the best way. We will use some substitutes from the club.”coach Eduardo Villegas explained in a press conference.

He would always likely be ready to face Corinth: Lucas Gallarza; Josue Mamani, Adrien Martinez, Alex Rampal and Enrique Taborga; Christian Arab, Elkin Blanco, Edwin Rivera and Jonathan Borja; Gustavo Torres and Jose Martinez.

Corinthians and Always Ready enter the field from 9 p.m., at the Neo Química Arena. If the Bolivians are indeed eliminated, Timão plays into the rankings for the Round of 16 and also for a chance to close out the group stage at the top.

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