June 25, 2024

Corinthians should get six back on loan in June, but only three have a chance of staying at CT

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Corinthians should get six back on loan in June, but only three have a chance of staying at CT

Corinthians has 30 players on loan from other clubs at the moment. Of those, only six contracts until June, and if not definitively acquired, it goes back to Parque São Jorge. However, according to the portal My dreamOnly three of them have a chance to stay at the Corinthians Club.

Those who will have the opportunity to return to the cast of Vítor Pereira are: Bruno Mendesdefender on loan from Internacional; Ramiro, Midfielder in Al Wasl from the United Arab Emirates. And Matthews VitalMidfielder for Panathinaikos, from Greece.

The idea of ​​Corinthians is to make money from the trio, but the sums are large, and therefore, their acquisitions still raise doubts. The gaucho has to pay US$6 million (about R$29 million) to stay at Mendes; The UAE team will have to pay 4 million US dollars (about 19 million Brazilian riyals) if Ramiro wants to stay; While the Greek club has to pay 4 million euros (about 20 million Brazilian riyals) to maintain the vitality.

Who does not stay after the loan?


His current club is likely to get Leo Natell

Disclosure / Apoel

The other three players on loan until June 30th and shouldn’t have the chance to return to Corinthians are Madsonis a midfielder for Estrella Amadora from Portugal. Nathan Balavoz, on loan to Racing de Ferrol, in the Spanish third division; and the attacker Leo Nettleon loan to Apoel, from Cyprus.

Like the trio above, the idea of ​​Corinthians is to make money. However, their current clubs do not have such a large financial capacity, which naturally reduces the chance of a final takeover.

The one with the greatest chance of definitive acquisition, without a doubt, is Léo Natel. There are those who guarantee in Parque São Jorge that Apoel from Cyprus will be able to pay around 1.5 million euros (about 7 million Brazilian riyals) to ensure the striker’s survival.

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