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Corinthians win Ferrovia and will play the derby in the Brazilian Women’s Final – 09/05/2021

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Corinthians win Ferrovia and will play the derby in the Brazilian Women's Final - 09/05/2021
Corinthians win Ferrovia and will play the derby in the Brazilian Women's Final - 09/05/2021

Corinthians easily qualified for the final of the Brazilian Women’s Championship. football. After winning 3-1 against Ferrovia, day (5), at the Arena Barueri, Timao advanced to face the derby against Palmeiras in the big decision. Team Alvinegra will attempt its third title in the competition.

The place in the final was won with great ease on the combined scoreboard. In the first leg, Timão won 3-1. Losing by a goal difference in the second leg, Timão was in control throughout the match and, rightly, scored another victory with goals from Jessica (against), Erika and Gabi Zanotti. Rafa Mineira took a penalty.

This will be Corinthians’ fifth consecutive final in Brazil. The team was champions in 2018 and 2020 and runners-up in 2017 and 2019. For the first time, the contender will be Palmeiras, who also qualified by decision this Sunday (5) with a 4-1 win over Internacional.

Corinthians reach the final with the best campaign in the Brazilian national team. In the qualifying stage, there were 12 wins, two draws and only one defeat (against Santos). In the knockout, he passed Kinderman and Ferrovia with four victories.

Palmeiras had the second best retrospective performance in the first stage and finished this stage undefeated. There were 11 wins and four draws – one of them 1-1 against Corinthians in Fazendinha. In the knockout, Alfeverde lost to Syndicate, in Porto Alegre (Russia), in the quarter-finals, but he returned the change. In the semi-finals, he won both matches against Inter.

Best: Gaby and Luciana

Gabe Portillo was the most notable of the Corinthians’ victory. In addition to participating in the first two goals, she was completely motivated by the right side of the attack and almost always had a better lead. Goalkeeper Luciana, from Ferrovia, with at least four tricky defenses, is also noteworthy for avoiding a worse result for her team.

Open the road on the right

The first few minutes showed that a file Corinthians He will have the right side as his main choice for victory. Two minutes later, Gabi Portillo arrived carrying danger and forced goalkeeper Luciana to make the first intervention. On the bounce, Adriana didn’t take the chance.

Portillo star

Gabe Portillo was the big name at the start of the match at the Arena Barueri, as it was her game that ended with Corinthians’ first goal. In a good solo plot from the right, I swung in front of a defender and crossed. In an attempt to stave off the danger, Jésdica sent him into the net in the 8th minute. Striker Alfingra again had a great chance in the 21st minute, but fired over Luciana when she appeared alone in front of goal.

Railroads are also afraid

The cabin team was not only in the rear, waiting for rare hits. He went up and had two good chances to score in the first half of the first half. In the first half, in the 16th minute, Rafa Mineira almost scored an Olympic goal, but Erika pushed the ball over the goal line. Six minutes later, Carol Tavares advanced on the right flank, and invaded the area, but the Corinthians defense repelled the cross.

Luciana becomes a wall

The Ferrovia goalkeeper had already done well on at least two scoring occasions by Corinthians. In the 33rd minute, she proved that her reaction was up-to-date in her toughest defence. A mid throw ended at Tamiris’ feet. She shot from the left, but Luciana fell nicely on the palm and sent the ball into the corner.

Timão’s range and target . have been blocked

Luciana’s great defense against the constant pressure and domination of the Corinthians was of little use. In a corner kick, Timão increased the difference on the scoreboard. The ball reached Gaby Portillo who deflected slightly with her chest. Erica was attentive in a good position and sent her into the goal in the 36th minute.

Corinthians went on to score again in the 45th minute, as Yasmine Luciana covered. But the video assistant referee intervened and canceled the game for offside. Proving Timao’s dominance in the initial stage, the last danger was again from Alvenegro. Victoria Albuquerque was alone in front of the goal and kicked another important defense through Luciana.

Second half protocol… and another goal

The final stage has begun. The railroad launched the attack, but it was Corinth that continued to be more dangerous. Although he had chances to roll the ball, Timão needed another corner to extend the score. After Yasmine’s kick, Gabi Zanotti progressed well and topped Luciana’s goal to score the third goal in Alfinegro.

After that, the Corinthians practically confirmed the classification and made four substitutions at once. With a practically new team on the field, the offensive pressure has eased. At the same time, Ferroviária did not show the strength to fight for reaction. He had a good chance to score, with Rafa Mineira taking the lead in front of goalkeeper Kimili, but he shot it to the left. Even with the end of the protocol match, the home team scored its honorary goal with a penalty kick by Rafa Mineira.

data sheet

Corinthian Railway 3 x 1
Brazilian Women’s Championship semi-finals
data: September 5, 2021 (Sunday)
Table: 20 hours (from Brasilia)
Sweetened: Arena Barueri in Barueri (SP)
arbitrator: Deborah Cecilia Cruz Korea (PE)
where: Gilberto Rodriguez Castro Jr. (PE)
yellow cards: Anna Alice (Railway)
Objectives: Jessica (against), at the 8th minute, Erika, at the 36th minute of the first half, and Gabi Zanotti, at the 9th minute of the second half (Corinthians); Rafa Mineira, 39 minutes into the second half (railway)

Corinth: Kimeli. cateusia (Polyana), campiolo, erica and jasmine; Ingrid (Andrecinha), Gabi Zanotti (Diane), Tamiris and Gabi Portillo (Jennifer); Victoria Albuquerque (Bianca Gomez) and Adriana. Technician: Arthur Elias.

Railroad: Luciana. Carol Tavares (Mesa), Anna Alice, Luana (Susan), Barinha; Aline Milen (Risa), Sukkur (Diane), Jasmine Cusman and Rafa Mineira; Jessica and Allen Gomez (Lydian). Tech: Lindsey.

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