February 20, 2024

Coritiba vs Inter: result, goals and technical sheet

a Curitiba Still without winning in Brazil. With the defeat at home to Internacional, 1 to 0, this Thursday (22nd), at Coto Pereira Stadium, for the eleventh round, Koxa has completed seventeen games without a win in the season, extending the longest pace in the history of the club.

Internacional got the three points away from home with a penalty kick scored by Pedro Henrique in the second half.

As a result, Colorado added 17 points and reached ninth place. actually Coritiba is still at the bottom of the championshipwith four points, in the worst feud between them starts in history.

In the first phase, neither team had a great performance, but Coritiba was superior. On 10 minutes, Bruno Gomez hit the post.

At the age of 27, the referee awarded a penalty kick to Koxa, but the VAR showed that the foul was outside the area. Jamerson was accused of being dangerously out.

The best opportunity in the first half was in the 45th minute with Alf manga, but the end was not good. The attacker cuts the defender, but hits a double in the goalkeeper’s hand.

In the second half, Internacional came back better. In the 14th minute, Koksa missed a great opportunity, Robson received it from Marcelino Moreno and was in front of the goal, but the goalkeeper saved well.

At the age of 18, Pedro Henrique was brought down in the area by Jean Pedroso and the referee awarded a penalty kick to Internacional, which the striker converted in the team’s first final from Rio Grande do Sul in the duel.

Despite scoring the goal, coach Antonio Carlos Zago maintained the scheme with three defenders until the end of the match, without success in searching for an equalizer, despite the good opportunities, especially in the air ball.

*Photos: Atila Alberti/UmDois

The best

Pedro Henrique scored the goal for Inter. Photo: Atila Alberti/UmDois

Striker Pedro Henrique awarded the penalty and scored the goal that gave Internacional the victory. With this goal, he became the team’s top scorer, along with Alan Patrick.


Jean Pedroso was the one who made the mistake that gave Internacional the chance to score and win over Colorado.


New color at Couto Pereira. Photo: Atila Alberti/UmDois

During the match, the ditch separating the pitch from the stands at Coto Pereira collided with the rest of the pitch. This is because body therapist and feng shui consultant Katia Gonzalez recommended painting and changing the color to bright green.

Coritiba vs Internacional: Watch the best moments

data sheet

Brazilian championship
Round 11

Curitiba 0 x 1 Internacional

Curitiba: Gabriel; Jean Pedroso, Benjamin Kosevic and Thiago Dombrowski (Bruno Viana); Zé Roberto (Caio Cesare), André (Matheus Bianchi), Marcelino Moreno, Bruno Gomez (Ruen Assis) and Gameerson (Boschilia); Robson and a thousand manga.
Technical: Antonio Carlos Zago.

international: john; Gabriel Mercado, vetao; Renee, Fabricio Bustos; Campanharo, Romulo; Alan Patrick, Johnny (Matheus Dias); Pedro Henrique (Luca) and Luiz Adriano (Thauan).
Technical: Manu Menezes.

localCoto Pereira Stadium in Curitiba.
Yellow cards: Thiago Dombrowski, Jean Pedroso and Robson (CFC); John Victor, Mercado, Rene, Gustavo Campanharo (INT).
general: 24,241 fans.
to rule: Andre Luiz Schettino Policarpo Pinto (MG).
assistants: Guilherme Dias Camilo (FIFA-MG) and Felipe Alan Costa de Oliveira (MG).
VAR: Diane Muniz (FIFA-SP).