July 15, 2024

Corporate tariffs can cost R$150

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A little over a year after its launch, Pix has already become one of the most successful payment methods in Brazil. This is because, in addition to being uncomplicated, Pix provides an opportunity to make conversions practically instantly and generally at no cost. Currently, there are more than 117 million users who move around R$500 billion per month. However, the free service is only valid for individuals. In the case of companies, the fee charged is up to R$150. For more information, see below.

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Pix pricing for businesses can cost R$150

And so, after Pix started charging businesses throughout 2021, Banks You create new definitions as the system evolves. And although Pix fees are allowed for legal entities, this practice did not start with the launch of the tool. Initially, Pix was free for any type of user. But with this promotion, the fee has increased to R$150.

In Santander, for example, withdrawing funds by companies via Pix Saque or Pix Troco has started to cost R$2.50 per transaction. The measure is effective since January 1, 2022 Bank of Brazil You should also follow this path: as of February 9, you should charge R$2.90 for every Pix withdrawal.

Finally, among the major banks, only Box It does not charge a fee to legal entities. nubankAnd Banco Inter e C6 . Bank They also reported that they do not practice corporate tariffs. However, Mercado Pago, for example, applies tariffs. In other words, there is no consensus on this topic. Finally, it is worth noting that no organization has, to date, charged fees to individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI) and sole proprietorships (EI).

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