June 14, 2024

COVID-19: Ibaté vaccinated 17-year-olds without comorbidities on Wednesday (25)

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COVID-19: Ibaté vaccinated 17-year-olds without comorbidities on Wednesday (25)
Young man receiving a Covid vaccine in Ibaté - Credit: DisclosureA young man receives a vaccine against Covid in Ipati – Credit: Disclosure

Ipati Municipality, through the Municipal Health Department, has informed that according to the State Immunization Scheme (PEI), vaccination against Covid-19 for 17-year-olds will begin on Wednesday, August 25, complete without comorbidities.

Vaccination continues in Basic Health Care Units (UBS) in Jardim Ikkaray, Jardim Cruzado and Popular, from 9 am to 3 pm.

Eileen Sartorelli Brianza, the municipal health minister, warns that in order to be vaccinated, young people must prove they are within the age range allowed by Prince Edward Island. “For this, it is necessary to provide a CPF document, with a photo, as well as an updated proof of residence, which is in the name and / or parents,” he recalls.

The vaccination campaign in Ipati continued without interruption, and the three vaccination points are usually open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 3 pm, with vaccination shifts taking place on Saturdays and holidays.

The Secretary reminds that adolescents aged 12-17 who have comorbidities and for some reason not been vaccinated should attend as soon as possible to be immunized. “Adolescents with comorbidities and permanent disabilities, ages 12 to 17, can seek out one of three UBS’s and receive their first dose of the immunizing agent,” he stressed.

The Municipal Health Department encourages pre-registration of persons eligible for immunization on the vaccine website.sp.gov.br
Online registration makes the vaccination campaign easier and faster, saving 90% of individual care time at vaccination centers.
It takes one to three minutes to fill out the data on the Vacina Já website. In a face-to-face service, it takes about 10 minutes to collect information. Pre-registration is not mandatory and not an appointment either, but it helps to avoid crowding in posts. Registration of data in Vacina Já is free, secure and confidential.
The Office of Epidemiological Surveillance and the Office for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus in Ibaté remind that sanitary measures must be maintained and intensified, with the use of face protection masks, the use of alcohol gel for hand hygiene and the avoidance of masses.

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