February 28, 2024

Created by a Brazilian artist, the sculpture “Conan the Barbarian” impresses with its amount of detail

The movie “Conan the Barbarian” starred the actor and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger The year is 1982. In the plot, a warrior seeks revenge after the death of his parents. He encounters a powerful mage who is searching for a steel ingot that can make his sword indestructible.

Conan witnessed the death of his parents and the slaughter of his people. He grew up in a slave camp, and became a wrestler. Determined to avenge his troubled past, the warrior embarks on a journey full of dangers and enemies.

The film was directed by director John Milius, based on stories by Robert E. Howard. In the early 1970s, Edward R. Pressman and Edward Summer began work on securing the rights to a film adaptation.

Oliver Stone wrote a draft of the script and they asked Schwarzenegger to play the title role. Filming took place over a period of five months in areas around Madrid and Almeria, Spain.

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Brazilian sculptor Edinho Maga He draws attention for his beautiful works on Instagram. He created a statue of Conan, impressing his followers with the amount of detail.