May 28, 2023

Criciúma’s multi-millionaire group assumes the purchase of the Saint Beer brewery

The EZOS Group officially announced on Thursday, the 18th, the purchase of 100% of the operations of Cervejaria Santa Catarina and all of its brands: Saint Bier, Catarina, Coruja and Barco. With the acquisition, the company has already resumed the production of all its products and will, in the coming months, receive significant investments to expand capacity and renovate the industrial area. In its third year of history, the EZOS Group has already achieved one of its main goals as an economic group: the acquisition of new companies, which can count on the support of the Shared Services Center and the synergy with other business units of the Group.

Cervejaria Santa Catarina, in addition to all its brands, has great synergies in the field of marketing and logistics with Fumacense Alimentos, the oldest company of the EZOS group, which on Friday (19) celebrates its 53 years in history. Given this scenario, the strength of the union of these companies into a single economic group will foster a large distribution capacity for Cervejaria Santa Catarina mix in Brazil, increasing its presence in the country and, in turn, promoting the exponential growth of the business. Thus, with the acquisition, the brands will continue to be marketed on the brewery’s existing distribution platform, as well as add to the already existing national capabilities of the EZOS Group, which already ships Fumacense Alimentos products – Kiarroz and RisoVita – from north to south Brazil.

Pictured are Grupo EZOS CEO Riccardo Regado, Grupo EZOS Chairman Sabrina Lisboa, and members of the Grupo EZOS Board of Directors: Jorge Mezzari, Rogério Dagostin, José Roberto Dagostin, Cláudia Mezzari-Gorini, Henrik Mezzari, Rafael de Pellegrin and Maristella Martinelli. Chancellor Silvana D’Agostein is not in the picture, but she also accompanied the negotiations. Image: Disclosure/ND

Manufacturing of all brands shall be concentrated in the industrial park of Forquilhinha (SC), which promotes job retention and increases opportunities for professional development in the area. In the coming weeks, the brewery will also hire new employees, which will allow it to resume production at 100% of capacity. And to celebrate the great moment of business renewal, the southern area of ​​Santa Catarina will be furnished with a new edition of the Festa do Monge, which will take place in the second half of 2023.

About the EZOS Group: From the association of management of traditional companies in South Santa Catarina, the EZOS Group was born in 2020, with an innovative management system, due to the establishment of the first Shared Services Center in South Santa Catarina. CSC EZOS operates with the main objective of promoting greater efficiency in business management, unifying the strategic sectors of managing different companies at the same time in one place. Until then, the large companies run by the holding company are Fumacense Alimentos, which has been recognized nationally for 53 years with the Kiarroz brands – in the traditional, premium and premium rice lines – and RisoVita, a leading health brand in Latin America because of for the production of vegetable drinks, flour and mixtures for bread and cakes made from rice; In addition to JS Empreendimentos, which for 24 years has been the state’s record developer of horizontal condominium subdivisions and units; and Criciúma Shopping, 26 years old, one of Criciúma’s oldest and most traditional malls. Now, in addition to these, Cervejaria Santa Catarina is also acquired by the economic group.

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