June 18, 2024

Criminals apply frauds involving unusual withdrawals of FGTS

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With the start of unusual loot releases from FGTSa cashier Warns workers of fraud and fraud risks involved in the initiative. In 2020, these criminal activities really happened when the FGTS extraordinary loot was launched. At that time, many Brazilians were victims of fraud and only found out about the case when they got to the FGTS app and saw that their CPF was already registered on the platform.

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Criminals apply frauds involving unusual withdrawals of FGTS

In the face of fraud risks, Caixa says that official channels for advice and other actions involving benefit occur exclusively through the bank’s official channels – the website or the app.

In short, the financial institution has provided more details on how to protect itself from the extraordinary withdrawal of the FGTS. Caixa said it does not send messages asking for a worker’s password or other personal data. In addition, it does not send any kind of link that requires confirmation from the device.

Moreover, the bank does not require access to the account via email, SMS or WhatsApp. So, here are the main tips for avoiding scams involving an unusual FGTS withdrawal:

  • Do not provide a password or other access data on unofficial websites or applications, as well as in phone calls.
  • Be wary of SMS, email or any means of communication claiming to be from your bank, with a shared phone number, as well as typos;
  • In addition, suspicious links can lead to the installation of spyware – they are hidden on a cell phone or computer. Thus, they collect browsing data and user data;
  • Also, always use updated browsers and antivirus software;
  • Caixa never asks for your password and electronic signature on the same page;
  • Finally, Caixa does not require customers to unlock or register new cell phones.

So, if you receive any such message, rest assured that it is a scam involving FGTS extraordinary withdrawal.

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