February 21, 2024

Cruzeiro beats Sao Paulo in a match with Rafael Cabral’s miracle and an own goal

In a crowded match, Rabosa resists pressure from the tricolor and wins again after five rounds in Brazil.

The goal was scored in the first minutes of the match Photo: Cris Mattos/Staff Images/Cruzeiro

After five matches without a win in Brazil, Cruzeiro entered the field to face Sao Paulo knowing they had to win anyway. When Celeste’s attack went empty again, the victory came 1-0 from a goal against Rafinha, the right back of the tricolor.

The three difficult points can be attributed to Rafael Cabral, who leads Rabosa with at least three crucial saves. For almost the entire match, the prevailing scenario was Cruzeiro taking pressure from Sao Paulo and going on the counterattack with Wesley and Bruno Rodriguez.

Marlon and William also helped out on both sides. Defender Rinaldo was safe and managed to take advantage, until he was replaced by Neris at the start of the second half due to a pain in his right foot.

As a result, Raposa reaches 17 points in the Italian League and sleeps in tenth place, to be defeated by Internacional and Bragantino, who have the same number of points and play on Sunday (25).

Rabosa’s next challenge in Brazil will be against Internacional, next Saturday (1), at 9pm, in Porto Alegre.

First time

Cruzeiro started with the intensity of those who needed him and plenty to win again after seven games without a win in the season. The pressure had an effect and provoked an own goal by right-back Rafinha after William’s cross from the right. The build-up to the play began with Bruno Rodriguez, who took the ball from the left to the center and gave the pass to the right-back of Rabosa.

At Pepa’s request, Raboas maintained the pace after opening the scoring. Wesley had a chance in the seventh minute, after Gilberto had thrown the ball in, but goalkeeper Raphael blocked the corner of the heavenly striker, who kicked it on the left side of the tricolor archer.

Sao Paulo had a chance to equalize with a foul two meters from the penalty line in the 12th minute, but Wellington Rato’s kick was caught in the barrier. The best chance for the tricolor was at 35 minutes. Alisson advanced and headed for a beautiful save from Rafael Cabral. On the rebound, Nestor also made a header, but Rafael saved again.

With an advantage on the scoreboard, Raposa chose to lure São Paulo and embark on the counterattack. This strategy gave moments of danger to Sao Paulo’s goal, but Cruzeiro’s forwards were unable to score.


The second half started as busy as the first, with Rafael Cabral’s defense being the highlight. Sao Paulo’s attack pressed, but was stopped by the Celestial Archer. Meanwhile, Cruzeiro was waiting to fit in on a counterattack, especially running away from Wesley and Bruno Rodriguez, killing the match.

Trying to increase the firepower, Pepa changed the leadership of the attack: Henrique Dorado entered and Gilberto, who had not scored since the match against America, left on May 14.

During the second stage Cruzeiro took more initiative and kept up São Paulo’s momentum. The end of the match was marked by the return of the tricolor pressure without success.

data sheet

What: Cruz 1 x 0 Sao Paulo

a reason: Round 12 of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

when: Wednesday, June 24, 2023 at 9:00 PM (Brasilia time)

where: Independence Stadium in Belo Horizonte MG

Sea trip: Rafael Cabral, William, Lucas Oliveira, Reinaldo (Nerys), Marlon, Mateus Joshua, Felipe Machado, Mateus Vital (Nito Moura); Wesley (Steneo), Bruno Rodriguez and Gilberto (Enrique Dorado). Technician: Peppa.

Sao Paulo: Rafael, Arboleda, Alisson (Luciano), Calleri, Nestor (Rodriguinho), Rafinha, J. Mendes (David), W. Rato (Juan), Caio Paulista (Marcos Paulo) and Pablo Maya. Coach: Dorival Jr.

Goal: Rafinha (against), in 2′ of Q1 (CRU)

Yellow cards: Henrique Dourado (CRU); Rodrigo Nestor and David (SAO)

to rule: Ramon Abate Abel FIFA (SC)

Assistants: FIFA Bruno Rafael Perez (GO) and Alex dos Santos (SC)

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