June 4, 2023

Cruzeiro has reached an agreement with Minas Arena and will play again in Minasu

Cruzeiro’s first game at Mineirão in 2023 will be on May 10, against Fluminense (Picture: Staff Images)

The complex situation that kept Cruzeiro away from Mineirao throughout the start of the 2023 season is over. The Celestial Club met with the franchise owner, Minas Arena, on Friday afternoon (28/4), and entered into a binding agreement to play in the stadium.

The meeting organized by the State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Mobility of Minas Gerais (Sinfra) specified that the two parties would sign a contract until July, which would last until December 2025.

Cruzeiro’s first match at Mineirao this year will be against Fluminense, on May 10 (Wednesday), in the fifth round of the Serie A championship of the Brazilian championship. This information was initially disclosed by Itatiaia Radio and confirmed it super sports.

“This new agreement makes clear commercial progress in the negotiations, recognizes the value of Cruzeiro, and marks our return to Mineirao. None of this would be possible without the mobilization of the state government, through Sinfra, in the creation of the Sports, Culture and Leisure Commission,” said Gabriel Lima, CEO of the club. .

To seal the truce, the board of directors of Privileged and Minas Arena had to come to an agreement regarding percentages of revenue from sales in bars, cabins and parking lots. The main stumbling block in the relationship between Cruzeiro and the company was the commercial detail.

“We are aware of the availability of the state government and its mediator in the negotiations, demonstrating an important path of dialogue and cooperation that has led to a resumption full of anticipation of Cruzeiro’s return to the Gigante da Pampulha stadium, the home of football in Minas Gerais,” confirmed Samuel Lloyd, Commercial Director of Mineirão.

Cruzeiro’s last game is in Mineirao

Cruzeiro has not played at Mineirao since November 6, 2022. On this occasion, Raposa beat CSA 3-2 in the 38th and final round of Serie B Giovanni Jesus, Felipe Machado and Bruno Rodriguez scored for Celeste, Lourenco and Gabriel equalized for the Alagoans.