March 29, 2023

Cryptocurrency scam: Willian Bigod denies cheating Palmeiras players and says he lost R$17.5m | amazing

Fantastico presents the case of the Palmeiras players who fell in the millionaire coup

players from Palm trees They thought they were making a good investment in cryptocurrency but they fell for a scam. a The fraud caused the loss of a millionaire and Gustavo Scarpa and Mike were the victims. Only Scarpawhich is now located in Nottingham Forest, Lost more than 6 million dollars.

They were introduced to the investment firm by Willian BigodeFluminense striker. Willian is a partner and owner of WLJC, another capital management firm, which has had some soccer players as clients. Gustavo Scarpa and Mike are suing the company.

On a note, Willian Bigod denied the accusations and said he was the victim of a coupwhere financial resources invested in crypto assets and lost 17.5 million Brazilian reals. He claims to have requested the refund in November 2022 and has not received any payment yet. The player stated to the police that all amounts are included in his income tax.

Fantástico provided details of the investigation on Sunday (12). after sunday.

Willian celebrates with Gustavo Scarpa after scoring against America – MG – Photo: Carla Carnell/Reuters

Fantástico provided details of the investigation on Sunday (12). It’s after Sunday.

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