June 27, 2022
CS: GO: Gaules tem canal banido na Twitch |  CS: go

CS: GO: Gaules tem canal banido na Twitch | CS: go

There is no official information yet on the duration of the ban and the motive for the punishment. By the time the channel stopped broadcasting, Gaules was broadcasting the basketball game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers for the NBA. The broadcaster owns the broadcast rights to the tournament.

Streamer Gaules’ channel blocked on Twitch – Photo: Disclosure / Blast

The notice regarding the Streamer channel comment, posted by the StreamerBans Twitter profile, quickly caused an uproar among the community and made the hashtag #FREEGAU soon to be the most talked about topic on Twitter.

Minutes after the suspension, Jules himself famously appeared with a message: “Fans, calm down.”

In a new post later, Gaules wrote:

“It’s okay, tribe!! People are already solving everything and the channel will be back soon! Rest assured that the era of fear is over… There will be a pioneer in Gao Zhao!

The FURIA vs Gambit match is scheduled for 12:30 PM (Brasilia time) this Friday and will qualify for the CS: GO Main Semi-Finals.

Gaules talks about the impact of flows on people’s lives

See the messages posted by esports personalities after the Gaules ban: