July 14, 2024

Cyber Kart: A Creative Transformation of the Wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid

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Cyber Kart: A Creative Transformation of the Wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid
Cyber Kart: A Creative Transformation of the Wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid

BoostedBoiz, a popular YouTube channel known for their automotive projects, has recently taken on a unique challenge – converting a wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid into a one-of-a-kind vehicle they call the “Cyber Kart.” This ambitious project has captured the attention of car enthusiasts and fans worldwide.

The journey began when BoostedBoiz purchased the wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid for a mere $60,000. Undeterred by the damage, they set out to bring the vehicle back to life. The rear damage was repaired using a tow strap and components salvaged from another wrecked Tesla Model S. The result was a fully functional and revamped car that caught everyone’s eye.

Impressively, the modified “Cyber Kart” showcased its performance capabilities on a prepared track surface. It achieved a remarkable quarter-mile time of 9.66 seconds and completed the 60-foot time in just 1.49 seconds. These numbers speak volumes about the power and potential of the Tesla Model S Plaid drivetrain.

BoostedBoiz wanted to take things further. In their next video, they decided to shed weight by removing various components. The doors, interior, back trunk, frunk, and bumpers were all stripped away, resulting in a weight reduction to 4,046 lbs. They didn’t stop there – the roof, pillars, and back end were also completely detached, bringing the weight down even further to 3,850 lbs.

Amazingly, despite these extensive modifications, the “Cyber Kart” remains capable of functioning and charging normally. However, due to the alterations, the autopilot feature is no longer functional.

The next challenge for BoostedBoiz is to attempt breaking the current Model S Plaid quarter-mile record of 8.73 seconds at the drag strip. To further optimize the “Cyber Kart,” the team plans to explore potential weight savings by changing the wheels and brakes, as well as utilizing a Lexan windshield.

As the “Cyber Kart” continues to evolve, car enthusiasts and followers of BoostedBoiz are eagerly awaiting the next updates. This project not only demonstrates the impressive performance capabilities of the Tesla Model S Plaid drivetrain but also showcases the endless customization options available.

Stay tuned to the progress of the “Cyber Kart” build, as BoostedBoiz pushes the boundaries of automotive innovation and performance. This is a journey that promises to captivate the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world.

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