February 25, 2024
Cynthia Decker Cuts Arthur Aguiar's Photo in Tribute to Disney and Web Collection Unforgiven: 'Issensation'

Cynthia Decker Cuts Arthur Aguiar’s Photo in Tribute to Disney and Web Collection Unforgiven: ‘Issensation’

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Cynthia Decker is the current wife of surfer Pedro Scobe

Cynthia Decker's position was not well appreciated by netizens
© Reproduction / InstagramCynthia Decker’s position was not well appreciated by netizens

Cynthia Decker She is the current wife of Pedro Scooby Throughout the months of confinement in BBB 22And The influencer made sure to show her support for those she loves and for the group he participated in Douglas Silva, Paulo Andre, Arthur Aguiar And Gustavo Marcingo. This Tuesday (26th), husband Mira Cardi He won the program’s final prize and received an amount of 1,500,000.00 Brazilian Real.

Looks like Cynthia ignored the victory Arthur On the same day, she chose to post a photo of her homage to the formation called Grupo da Disney Online. The model took a picture in DG, PA, Pedro And Arthur He appeared, but cut Agyaar’s face from above. In the caption, she wrote: “I love you!”.

This situation was not well seen by netizens, mainly because it was removed Arthur From the picture, she could only take a picture in it deprivationAnd DJ And Pedro Appears. “The problem isn’t that she likes him, because we like who we want to! And yes, the fact that the three of them have several photos together,” a profile on Twitter.

Another user kicked out “30 year old guy doing this”. Arthur Aguiar won the show with nearly 65% ​​of the vote and the feud was mainly between the actor and the runner, Paulo Andre. The athlete was the target of the famous joint effort, but the strategy apparently did not work and earned money for a pair Mira Cardi.